C2E2 Dark Horse – Aw Yeah Comics! Panel

This was an interesting Panel of “Local Guys Make Good” with the boys from Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, IL  who have written for DC, Dynamite and of course Dark Horse.


Moderated by Dark Horse Editor in Chief Scott Allie the guys from Aw Yeah (Art and Franco) were very engaging with the crowd as it was apparent that they were just a couple of guys who had loved comics all their lives and had finally reached the point where they were on the stage and not just in the crowd at a convention.


Some of you may know Aw Yeah Comics from their online presence and those collected works will be available from Dark Horse in September with 40 pages of new material for your viewing pleasure.


When the panel got a little off the rails was when Scott opened the floor to “30 second pitches”.  This started out entertaining with a few people joining the fray with relatively harmless, albeit mostly terrible, story ideas of which I won’t even mention here.  But then the mic got hijacked by a kid with, apparent, political agendas wherein he wanted to speak about genetic modifications on unborn children?  I put the question mark because the guy wasn’t a very good public speaker and wasn’t doing anything to try and forward the thought.  The Art and Franco tried to have fun with it and would interject little quips at various times.  Eventually Scott was able to wrangle the conversation and eventually the kid just walked away…but where I was lost was – there are probably 50 panels at C2E2 with more people present (nothing against this panel but there were maybe 50 of in the room) and he chose this opportunity?  But considering the fervor and ability he presented his “argument” maybe this was the exact right platform.


That all said – it was a good opportunity to hear about some upcoming Dark Horse content and was entertaining watching fanboys be fanboy’d.

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