Death Sentence #4 – 5

A few months back my Google Chrome crashed and burned. As a result all my passwords were lost. I was able to remember a few of them but my gmail account was gone and will never return. As an additional result I could no longer access our google drive, and then I couldn’t post the review for Death Sentence #4. Eventually it was kind of late and when you look at it as a whole it was too late to really review. Most people interested had either picked it up already or come across all the information on their own. Well now issue #5 is out and the series is coming to a close. My google setting are up and running in full force and there is nothing holding me back from explaining the crazy nightmare that is Death Sentence. Let’s go.

CAM00055To start lets say that issue #4 was the game changer. Bu the time you make your way through number 3 you suspect that where you thought it may be going isn’t anywhere close to where it might end up. Monty appears to be going crazy and he steps off a ledge you can’t come back from. In issue 4 was where I came to realize what this story is and where it is going. I have made several incorrect guesses up to this point. While most of what I thought would happen would have made for a fine story in itself what we are getting is far better.

Lately I’ve been falling less into my routine and familiars when it comes to comic booking. I love a good story and while Green Lantern has produced some doozies over the past few years and Bats, Supes, X-Men, Cable, etc have been some strong staples in my life I find myself turning more and more to the independent and less familiar. Because I want to discover the next Watchmen, or the next Daytripper. After issue four I believe I may have found it in Death Sentence.

CAM00057Without giving too much away lets say that while I thought the threeo may have ended up fighting the government and this was a le resistance sort of tale it turns out that its a story of choices. Some people from similar, mindsets lets say because it sure isn’t background or lifestyle, can make entirely different choices. It does become a hero and villain story but the villain wasn’t the UK government as I had predicted. Now I can see an end in sight and feel it may wrap up a really good singular story that could live on in infamy is the cards fall into all the right places and life is a fantastic wonderland. It could still be forgotten (I can’t find it at my local comic shop and I live in Dallas. We should have everything).

I’m still at a loss with Monty Nero’s covers. I get he likes graffiti and flash art but is this to my left the Verity from the Death Sentence pages? No. I saw that hat for the first time and heard a brief explanation of it’s origin but I am not getting the character feel that I see in these cover images. Misleading. I’m glad the story is good but in comics I often feel that judging books by their covers actually can happen. Art is a large portion of the narrative. Nero’s DS covers baffle me and number 5’s I can’t say I like

(I like naked Verity but her face looks… off)

CAM00058Number 5 almost reaches that pinnacle of the story. I will cover the final issue and review the series as a whole but I do good things so far. One thing I’ve really come to love is the depth of the powers each character holds. Monty appeared at first as if his power was mind control, Verity equaled combustion and Weasel was Phasing. But with the way they are devolping it seems that that was just the beginning and maybe Monty’s is complete telekinetic control and Weasel may have the ability to control and manipulate matter. Verity’s power me be the redistribution of energy (I’m really just speculating) it wasn’t clear. What is clear though is that these three are really powerful> If the series went on I would have liked to see that it was all just one power and they each manifested their manipulation of it from different angles. But blah blah blah. It’s cool.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, check it out. ┬áMaybe issue six is a horrible failure and it all turns out to be Bob Newhart’s dream. If so I guess I may feel silly (like I did after the 6th season of LOST, when I finally realized they were not going to answer all their own questions and maybe had no clue what they were teasing at when they began).

Check it out though. Really.




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