Dallas Scifi Expo ’14 Top 8 Individual Cosplayers

This past weekend was the Dallas Scifi  Expo held at the Irving Convention Center. Be sure to read Eric’s detailed coverage of day 1 and day 2. I’m going to break down the best cosplay of the weekend. So, here they are, the top 8 (or at least my favorite) individual cosplayers:

#8: The First Doctor The First Doctor cosplayThere were a ton of Doctors. But they were all more recent Doctors. I saw every version of 11, many 10s and even more than one 9. Not only was this man the only First Doctor I saw, but his costume is spot-on.

#7: Kevin SmithKevin Smith cosplayWhile I know this costume is extremely simple, this man is a dead-ringer for Kevin Smith!

#6: ZoidbergZoidberg cosplayThese other guys are great too, but I just love this Zoidberg with his knit mask.

#5: DominoDomino cosplayThis needs no explanation. She looks amazing.

#4: LakituIMG641 (480x640)I love this costume. It is so cute and creative. Not to mention that this is the only Lakitu cosplay I have ever seen. Unfortunately, you can’t see her shell from this angle, but it’s there.

#3: Teen WolfTeen Wolf cosplayHilarious

#2: DalekDalek cosplayThere is an actual person in here. The amount of dedication needed to move around inside this all day is mind-blowing.

And now…

#1: Tuskarr

Tuskarr cosplayThis costume was amazing. It just looks beautiful. It was also really creepy. I found myself extremely uncomfortable every time he came around. Which is probably why it was my absolute favorite.

I would also like to give an honorable mention to this girl for being the cutest Vulcan I have ever seen. She even has a tribble.Vulcan cosplay

Hope you enjoyed the costumes. Be sure to check my top 8 group/pair cosplayers!

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