Geekend Review: Year End Edition

The year is out like so many years before it. I think we all remember how 1997 left us, and 1996 before that. Crazy times. Now it is time for 2013 to move on down the road to make way for 2014. It’s been a good year for geek. We just had the Desolation of Smaug hit theatres a few weeks back (3 weeks at #1), Anchorman finally got a sequel, and Paul Walker went too fast and too furiously to the grave. That and a lot more passed us by in the past 365 days and it really has been a fun ride. So let’s review.

man-of-steel-poster-finalDC attempted, with a moderate amount of success, to emulate the ways of Marvel with the Man of Steel. Like Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor beforehand Superman and the DC universe launched their next big attempt to bring their characters together. Later, at San Diego comic con, DC unveiled a teaser that let us know Batman will be making his return to the big screen alongside Supes in the next film. Even later we learned that the role of Wonder Woman had been cast and the road to the Justice League movie has become a little more clear. The Man of Steel as a movie was pretty good (the best so far at least). A little too over the top in the action department, but let that willful suspension of disbelief stretch.

Geoff-Johns-Leadin-602x376This year Geoff Johns said farewell to his reign of terror slash perfect run on the GL series. Since the days of REBIRTH Johns has lead us heart and hand to the precipice of story telling. He spun a brilliantly colored web of story telling comprised of emotional elements and lanterns corps as far as they eye could see. His reinvisioning of the yellow element, Parallax, Ion, and the resurgence of heroes throughout the DC was brilliant beyond compare. Then it ended. #sadface  It was good while it lasted. Reserving judgement for the new creative team. 2014 will tell us.

untitled (2)We said farewell to more than just Geoff Johns’ GL run and Margaret Thatcher this year. We also saw the end of two of the best TV shows in a generation. Dexter and Breaking Bad wrapped up their runs this year. Dexter had floundered occasionally in its seasons but managed to finish strong. Walter White in Breaking Bad didn’t miss a beat. Mr. White will go down in history as a rival to Scarface. If you haven’t seen these shows they are on Netflix with the tnire series of both expected to be released soon.

imagesOBF06LPYThe next generation of consoles launched this holiday season. It wasn’t the epic console war of the last generation. You remember that, when you all rushed out to get a Nintendo Wii, then thought you might actually try sports for real because you were so good at Wii Tennis only to realize that wrist flicking doesn’t equal athleticism. Then you bought a real console and your Wii gathered dust for 3 years. Well the Xbox One and PS4 seem to be splitting the playing field pretty even these days and seem to have about B average reviews each.

With some of the game changing elements, like no more than one owner per game on the XB1, I’m waiting to make a decision. And I’m poverty stricken. #sadface

untitledIt’s been a brilliant year for Whovians. The 50th Anniversary special hit us hard just a month back, then the Christmas special just a few days passed said farewell to the days of Matt Smith (I was a little confused and unimpressed by the last Smith ep). The new 9th Doctor played by John Hurt was amazing and I can say I am very excited to see Peter Capaldi portray a new older Doctor in the next season. Clara has been fun as a companion and where Capaldi takes this new Who will be different to say the least.



Well, we could sit here all night and watch the ball drop together. I could drone on and on about the new Pope and the Affordable Care Act. We could reminisce on Twerking and Selfies and what the “fox says” but it’s been a big year and I don’t think either of us has time. So Youtube a best of mash up and notice how they didn’t cover Doctor Who or the PS4 release, then come back here and thank me for covering the good stuff. Happy New Year.


Feel free to include your favorite thing from 2013 below or disagree with me. You can also comment @werewolforigin via twitter. Until next year, The End.

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