Batman/Superman #1 is the brand-new bi-monthly UK comic featuring the best of both the Man of Steel AND the Dark Knight!

Titan Publishing just released a new Batman/Superman comic (12 December 2013). It’s an interesting cross-over story. One of the things that struck me first was the artwork. These are different characterizations of Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman. The artists definitely made their mark on the characters. One of the characterizations I was most struck with was that of Joker. The portrayal is disturbing, more so than the Joker normally is, and this is strictly due to the artists’ portrayal. He is unsettling, and something just a bit off about him, which lends itself perfectly to the character.

The storyline is dark, which was not what I expected, and I’m interested to see where they go with Issue #2. While some of the events are known within the canon, again, this issue provides a fresh look at them.  The paneling is also nicely laid out, with some interesting choices in the layout that add to the story (although I did preview the comic through PDFs, so as always, the “feel” is always a bit different).

While I was a fan of the changes/differences in character and story in this issue, I wonder just how far they will go with it. Given how dark this issue was, there are some interesting things they could do. Part of me wondered if some of these differences could be attributed to the fact that this is a UK publisher, and these are inherently “American” characters. If so, it will be interesting to see how viewing these characters, and plots through such a lens changes things.

As with all comics these days, I always ask myself where this story fits in with the canon, or other storylines. A comic geek has it hard trying to figure out where things fit. If you check out this issue, and I suggest you do, I would simply take it on its own, and not try to fit it into any timeline or series. Just enjoy the story (heartbreaking as it is) for  what it is.



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