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This week in geek, Microsoft announces that you can only play the Xbox1 one way. Sony and MS reveal their intent for game upgrading from last gen to current. Dexter wraps up it entire life as a series. Curiosity kills the idea of aliens existing on Mars, just not enough gas. And some South Carolinian steals my lottery win for 400-Million-Dollars. Fall TV is kicking off and it is time for the real season of the geek to roll out. With all of that, let’s review.

xbox_one_logoconsole-590x330XBox One reveals that it can only play horizontally. So start modding those TV stands now and rearrange the living room because if you had hopes of using that extra ’16 of surface on your TV stand or mantle to display your collectible ’18 Dr. Manhattan figure then consider those dreams dashed. Microsoft confirmed that if you are part of the one out of five XBox enthusiasts who stores your system and uses it in a place that stands vertically than you will do so at your own risk. Hopefully there’s a sticker and a more informative announcement. Or I suspect there’s going to be a good percentage of people saying “I didn’t know…”.

dexter2The final episode of Dexter airs in just a few hours and if you are caught up then you know it is about to go nuts. Dexter has always shocked with how far it was willing to go with its’ characters. Deb fell in love with her own brother and killed Laguerta. Dokes, who was a fan favorite, killed off at the end of season 2. Rita killed off by Trinity and Harrison left to cry in her blood. Even from the first season where Dexter discovers and kills his own brother. Mostly they pull no punches. But with a series finale and a show that skates the edge anyways this show could go any direction. With the way Deb was left during the last ep I wouldn’t surprised by anything tonight.


The Curiosity Rover on Mars has come to the conclusion that there is no measurable signs of potential life on the Red Planet. The current theory floating around in the science world is that, for there to have existed or to currently exist, life would show measurable signs of methane gas in the atmosphere. The idea being that life forms that eat digest and on earth we digest and produce methane gas as a bi product. So if there is life in the universe similar to life on Earth then we would sniff out the truth. But the Mars Rover Curiosity didn’t sniff out anything that could lead us to the conclusion that Mars held life. #sadface

big bang theory

Fall TV is in full swing. New shows have been hitting the waves for weeks now. Avatar the Legend of Korra premiered last week. The Big Bang Theory, The Middle, and Modern Family are back starting this week. Dexter ends tonight and Breaking Bad is ending next week. If you’re a TV geek this is like the holy times. If only we didn’t have to wait another three months for our Whovian fix.

emmyThe 65th Annual Emmy Awards are underway tonight in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre. It will be a first for the award show when Netflix Original Series, House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, is put up against Prime Time shows such as Breaking Bad. It was very controversial early in the year when the idea was floated about allowing original web based programs to be allowed to “compete” against the more classicly view (TV) shows. As more and more programming moves to HULU, Amazon, and Netflix it will be interesting to see how the outcome of this bout plays. If House of Cards steals the show tonight will there be outrage. Will it be considered unfair?

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the event for the second time. So tonight will be a night for TV any way you slice. You can barely change the channel with out coming across some major event in programming, My head might explode. I mean, what if Walter gets caught tonight and wins an Emmy? What if the cast of The Big Bang Theory win but have their demands pay raises denied and they all quit the show? I’m nervous, let’s not talk about it.

Before we sign out for a night of viewing other screens, or just opening another site, Sony and Microsoft have announced that you will be able to upgrade your recently purchased PS3 games and 360 games to the next consoles for very little in cost. So if you bought GTAV this week and are sad because you’ll have to keep your PS3 plugged in for another couple months after you buy your PS4, no worries. For a minimal fee and popping in your old disc you can download the PS4 version of the game. Microsoft is rolling out a similar thing with the ONE. The #sadface on this story is that you won’t be able to sell your game later. Once you put it in your upgraded system it will never be able to be played on another upgraded system. And the man just keeps trying to hold us down.


That’s it for the review. Feel free to disagree with me on twitter @werewolforigin or @8daysageek or just in the comments section below. Until next time, good night and prosper.



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