World War Z: The Art of the Film




The blockbuster hit movie “World War Z” had many stunning visuals as well as its share of awe-inspiring moments of shear immensity. Before there was a movie with all of this, however, there had to be a meeting of the minds that could come up with what the movie should look like. The Art of World War Z shows us what some of those minds started with and how they refined it into the movie that graced the silver screen this summer.

When I received the book in the mail my first impression was, “just another art book”, but the people responsible for this book added in a little extra bonus; we’ll get to that part later though. The art in the book is gorgeous. Well laid out and beautifully presented; the book excels at showing creature, scenery, and story designs from conception to completion. The cover is worthy of being one of your coffee table books and is sure to start a conversation or two.

The little extra that I talked about earlier in the review is that not only is this an art book of exceptional quality, but it also contains a copy of the full production screenplay throughout the art pages. That’s right, you can read the entire script while looking at the art that was used to turn that script into the stunning visuals that the movie brought to the screen. I hope that this becomes a trend because this add so much to the book and makes it a true collector’s item.

This is a great book to keep on your coffee table and show off to your friends. If you liked the movie or are just a fan of zombie memorabilia this should be in your collection.

The Art of World War Z was compliments of Titan Books.

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