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August brings us at 8daysageek.com to another Wizard World Chicago Convention.  Wizard World is among one our favorite conventions because of its attention to artists and as well as all the other beautiful aspects of a con. Let’s do a little recap:

The Crowds –

Crowds are nothing new to conventions, however, this year it seems that Wizard World has had a pretty good turn out.  Unlike most years where the convention is in one room and all on one floor; this year the convention was split between two floors (one floor for vendors and one floor for artists and celebrities).  Splitting the convention had the benefit of lowering the amount of traffic in each section, but also made the stairs and escalators a bit of a pain.  Overall splitting the con seemed like it worked just fine.


The Booths –

There are always a great booths at Wizard World wether its a vendor you buy something at or an exhibitor that has a booth you just can’t look away from.  With a few of each, there are a couple that stand out like the famous cars (the delorean, the mystery machine, ecto-1, and the original batmobile), and the Northern IL Train Club with their pop culture pictures made entirely of LEGO.


The Costumes –


Costuming and Cosplay (they are very different) are always prevalent at cons.  Its hard to take photos of all of the costumes you pass at the convention, however above is a good mix of the people who love their interests so much that they risk being uncomfortable and being stopped all day just to show that love.  Thank you to all of the cosplayers and costumers that stopped for photos every time that I asked.

This year’s Wizard World Chicago was a great success.  With a new layout and the same old faces its the best of both worlds.

Thanks to Wizard World and Jerry Milani for having us at the convention to bring you coverage in case you couldn’t make it or think you missed something.

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  1. That big sister in the costume section is me! I feel so loved!

  2. It was a great costume. We will be back this year covering wizard world stl 2014. Hope to see you there.

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