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Geekend Review. Sunday and it’s definitely been awhile. The Dexter season 8 and final season has snuck up on us. Slow start to Summer though. The Man of Steel premiered and the Trinity War began. Damien Wayne passed out of existence and Geoffe Johns gave his final farewell to his almost ten year run on the GL series. It hasn’t exactly been the most uneventful Summer thus far but the news has come far between. Anyway you slice it let’s review.

Valta-590x330A company called Velta has come up with a mobile way to replace plugging your shizzy nizzy into the wall. While I’m not sure I grasp the entire idea behind it because it most certainly does not involve the invention of teleportation or wireless power transfers. No transmuting physical properties into energies of any kind or turning water into wine. As near as I can guess it seem to be a charging port that harnesses the power to later be redistributed to any device you need. Which makes sense but IDK if I necessarily see that as a new idea, an ingenious one, or something that should have happened long ago.

Chris “The Anderson Silva Killer’ Weidman defeats the undeafitible  Anderson Silva. Early in  the second round a tired and and down trodden Anderson Silva said goodbye to his seventeen win streak and met the mat with a KO from unknown Chris Weidman. Silva has been the middle weight champ for years upon years. At times it seems that his gangly spider limbs have been the only middleweight champion. Silva had a brilliant run with a 33-5 run compared to newcomer Weidman’s 10-0. But a new era is upon us and it couldn’t come at a better time. I for one was tired of seeing the unbeatable Silva tear down opponent after opponent with his never ending limbs of steel.

UFC 162: Silva v Weidman

Dexter graced us with it’s radical airwaves last Sunday. The 8th and final season is underway. It has been a bumpy ride. Dexter has been a hero for children, and stopper of horrors to this point. But last season we saw what extents the man behind the mask would go to to protect his own. He allowed the murder of Lt. LaGuerta at the hands of his sister. The sister who is in sexy time love. It looks to be a final season of roller coaster proportions and I can’t wait to see the outcome.








Between then and now we’ve had some big moments in the geek world. If you haven’t seen Man Of Steel yet you probably should at some point. Bruce Wayne’s son Damien died at the hands of a clone or genetically grown copy. I’m really not sure what that thing was. Geoff Johns finished his run on Green Lantern which I can’t say was the most amazing thing ever. It was good but there were definitely things in it that were less than amazing. Still good stuff and it had a crazy ending but the villain was less than stellar. Hope the new creative team doesn’t suck.

That’s it for the review. Stay tuned for book reviews on Man of Steel and the continuing steam punk adventures of Langdon St. Ives. Beyond that, the world continues to spin and people exist. The End.


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