Comic Review: Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher is a new book by Titan Comics. It is written by Si Spurrier with art by P.J. Holden. Number Cruncher cover (418x640)It’s a little difficult to describe Number Cruncher. It’s a love story. Kinda. It’s really a philosophical story with a noir feel. Number Cruncher delves into the meaning of life and the afterlife. The afterlife is referred to as karmic accountancy. And “God” is the divine calculator.

Number Cruncher is about a brilliant mathematician who wants to be reincarnated so that he can return to the love of his life. The divine calculator grants his wish for reincarnation, but does not do it in the way the man was hoping.

The main character of the story is Operative #494. When he died, he was willing to sell his soul for more time on earth. As a result, he works for the divine calculator. Now, he must keep an eye on the brilliant mathematician.

I loved Number Cruncher. I thought everything about it was brilliant: the characters, the atmosphere, the existence of golf carts in the afterlife. But it is not a book I would recommend for everyone. If you’re uninterested in the philosophical or metaphysical, this book is not for you. However, if you like a comic that makes you think, definitely pick up Number Cruncher.

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