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orange-is-the-new-black-picked-up-for-second-seasonSunday yet again. Time to review. The Netflix Orginal Orange Is The New Black premiered this week. Critically it has been praised as a success. Having watched every episode I can tell you it was a good series. The best of the Netflix Originals to date. It is based on the memiors of Piper Kerman who spent fifteen months inside a minimum security woman’s correctional facility in the 90’s. I’m honestly intrigued to read the book now. I need to know what liberties the show took. Did a psychotic evangelical inmate really try to kill her with a razor in a toothbrush? Was her former lesbian lover, the same woman who gave her up to the feds, in the prison with her.

Did the den mother, Red, really try to starve her to death her first week there? It was a good series and I feel like it’s too long until Summer 2014. Take advantage Netflix and put two or three seasons out a year before people move on.



Despicable Me 2 holds the box office lead for it’s second week in a row earning $44 Million, beating out Grown Ups 2, and Pacific Rim. While I haven’t even seen Despicable Me yet I hear good things. Apparently my kids love it. I’m not a cartoon snob I just haven’t seen it yet. Leave me alone!




The HBO Original Series The Newsroom comes back tonight. After a successful first season last year and a long wait, the Aaron Sorkin drama about a popular nightly news show on cable will be bringing us it’s mixed political (slightly left leaning) views from a recent past perspective. The show centers around Will Macavoy a veteran in the business and his former love interest and how they shake up an old show by telling things the way the are. Which is easier to do when you already know the outcome. Part of the fun of the show is it’s reliving of the recent past. I wonder what touchy milestones they will dig up this season? The controversial George Zimmerman case in which teenage boy Treyvon Martin was killed? The re-election of President Barack Obama? Mitt Romney for that matter or Paul Ryan? We had a DNC and an RNC in 2012. The Batman shooting, the Sandy Hook massacre that shocked the world? If you really stop and think, the past year and a half has been pretty chock full of life changing events.


George ZimmermanOther news from this weekend are that George Zimmerman was found innocent of the charges against him. Whether or not he was actually innocent and really was afraid for his life and therefore justified in acting with deadly force against Treyvon Martin, or he was irresponsible and acted as a vigilante putting himself in a situation that could have been avoided resulting in the death of an innocent black kid, one thing is for certain. His life is over. Even though he has supporters out there, he can’t feel safe in the public anymore. Because in one POV he is possibly a racist and a man who got away with murdering a kid. But maybe things will go back to normal and he can rejoin the Watch and neighborhoods will feel safer. Will Macavoy will tell us.

And for all the Gleeks a sad day has come into your lives. Corey Monteith, the actor who plays Finn on Fox’s musically themed high school series GLEE, was found dead in a hotel room yesterday of an apparent drug overdose. Monteith was only 31. His character was slowly fading into the background of the TV series beginning with it’s 4th season. The original cast of McKinley High’s glee club had graduated and it seemed to be increasingly harder to incorporate the graduating class into the show and still follow the glee club. A fifth and sixth season had been renewed already but will it have the same feel or had it altered itself already to say goodbye to the former upper classmen?


That’s it for the review. Hope you enjoyed the show. As always feel free to comment below and tune it next week, same bat time same bat channel.


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