Plague Town by Dana Fredsti




Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

“Plague Town” is about a small town whose residents are all falling ill with a deadly form of the flu; unfortunately they aren’t staying dead for too long. The main characters are a group of individuals that are brought together by elements they can’t even begin to understand; in the face of a common enemy they band together to try and save the town. The heroine of the story, Ashley Parker, is funny, fast, and fearless. She holds your interest with her comical one liners and her fascination with the brave-but hard to read- Gabriel.

I found it interesting that the author threw in many references to current day media and pop culture. The book referenced the popular TV show “The Walking Dead” a few times as well as other popular zombie movies. I don’t think that the author set the stage for the book very well in the beginning of the story, taking too long to hook the reader. It was hard to decide who was going to play a major role besides Ashley and was just a little too slow until you get past the first couple of chapters.

The build up to the climax of the book kept me reading with it’s fast pace and easy to follow plot lines. I really liked the action packed, gut filled chapters that displayed Ashley and her fellow wild cards talent and bravery; not to mention zombie stomping skills. I enjoyed reading the book, but wanted more as soon as I was done, thank goodness the sequel, “Plague Nation” was available right after I finished “Plague Town”. If you are looking for a fast paced action book with a little bit of romance (and zombies) in it, then I would recommend this book to you.

“Plague Town” was compliments of Titan Books.

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