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“Plague Nation” picks up right where “Plague Town” left off… 3 days later to be exact. “Plague Nation” starts off with much less zombies and gore; overall things seemed to be winding down for our ragtag group of apocalypse survivors. Just when I thought the book was going to lose my interest the action started back up. The wild cards were back in action.

As walkers start spreading, more challenges arise- the plague gets harder to contain; verging on impossible. Our heroes fight for an end to the plague and the salvation of earth – running into zombies and civilians alike all along way. “Plague Nation” is an action packed sandwich on plain 1st and last chapter bread. Once the last chapter is done it leaves you with nothing; No ending, no wrap up, nothing. It does make me feel better to know there is going to be a third installment otherwise I would have went all ‘zombie hunter’ on the author.

Overall it was a good read even though I could have used a more cliffhanger ending, however, I trust all will be right with the world when the third installment arrives on book shelves.

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  1. I totally cop to a “Well, heck, Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and the movie ends?!” finish for Plague Nation. Originally I was going to take the story further in the second book, but other elements took more time and page space than I’d planned so I ended with them at least managing to accomplish one particular goal for this book. I won’t mention it because of spoilers…. but don’t go all zombie hunter on me! I love the “action packed sandwich” description, btw. Thanks for a very kind review considering the frustration of the cliffhanger!

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