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51S39DBUBfL._SS500_37251.1352021363.1280.1280__47507.1361603583.1280.1280Just finished the novel Fresh Meat, from the Supernatural series put out by TITAN Books, based off of the TV series on CW “Supernatural”. It was a pretty decent read. Won’t say it fills the void left behind after the season 8 finale a few weeks back but it makes a damned good attempt.

Like a lot of the Supernatural episodes this story involves the Winchesters, Sam and older brother Dean, on the trail of some spooky beast and taking a whole lotta lumps while trying to bring it down. This particular story takes place during season 7 of the series between the episodes “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” and “Slash Fiction” (Shut Up, Dr Phil features a fun reunion of James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Deep in the forests of Nevada, near the site of the infamous Donner Party Massacre, people are going missing. At first it seems like an open and shut case involving a wendigo, but then when the signs start to point another direction Sam and Dean find themselves on uncharted territory.


tumblr_m7e4q8iOQB1r6ti0go1_500This story had a plethora of creepers in it, and they were attacking on all fronts. The main beasty was a creature called an Aswang. Which I thought for a moment may be a made up creature for the show (not to say that the rest of the creatures in the show aren’t made up… except for ghosts because the are absolutely real). Then I Googled it. The Aswang is a possible werewolf vampire hybrid from the Philippines. It can fly and has a long proboscis like tongue that can steal the organs out of peoples bodies. It can change shape and sounds far away when it is close and close when it is far away. A heavy hitter as far as monsters go.



They spend the majority of this story in the backwoods and traversing mountain valleys through heavy snow and blizzard conditions. It was a little unusual to try and imagine the Winchesters dressed to the teeth like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story. They spent as much time fighting the elements as any monster and in some ways they get beat up by the weather and terrain more than anything else. No cheesy motel and not so much of the third star of the show, the Impala, but the story had a lot going on.


Written by Alice Henderson who has written Buffy novels and worked with Lucas Arts on some of the Star Wars titles. I would definitely give the story some stars, possibly 4 in a six star system. At times it felt like the road was too long and the ending climaxed a little after the major events seemed to have passed. But the major events were still intense and some of the side characters and relations were interesting. The “who-done-it” feel was definitely more prevalent in this story than in a lot of episodes. I was a little surprised to find out who turned out to be the bad guys who was good. I’d recommend it to Supernatural fans or anyone who likes mythical creatures. Click here if you enjoy the Winchesters and want to go on some adventures before next season starts.



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