Best of Dallas Comic Con Cosplay

I spent my weekend at the Dallas Comic Con and had a great time. One of the best things about any convention is the cosplay and the Dallas Comic Con was no exception. I saw some great costumes, so I compiled a list of my 8 favorites. Choosing which ones I thought were the best was difficult. I chose these costumes based on ease of recognition, creativity, attention to detail, and originality. I saw a lot of great Harley Quinns. But, I should emphasize the “A LOT.” That also goes for Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Link, Wonder Woman, the 10th Doctor, the 11th Doctor, and members of Star Fleet. So, while some of those costumes were excellent– I saw a science officer carrying a tricorder– for my list, I chose costumes that were a little less frequent.


#8: Tuxedo Mask!Dallas Comic Con- Tuxedo Mask (600x800)

What makes this costume great: Every girl who has watched Sailor Moon has fallen in love with Tuxedo Mask. And I have to admit, seeing the character brought to life made me a little weak in the knees.

#7: Cross-gender Avengers

Dallas Comic Con- Reverse gender Avengers (800x600)

What makes this costume great: Ok,  I did see a lot of Avengers. I even saw several female Lokis, female Thors, and female Captain Americas. However, not only does this group have the full Avengers assembly (from the movie), they also have a cross-gender Black Widow.


#6: Weeping Angel (appearing with Honorable Mentions: Rose Tyler and The Doctor)Dallas Comic Con- Weeping Angel, Rose, and The Doctor (800x600)

What makes this costume great: Not only does she look great, but she had the whole character down. Here she is sneaking up on Rose and The Doctor (who look adorable).

#5: The ObserverDallas Comic Con-Observer (600x800)

What makes this costume great: This man was also constantly in character. I’m not entirely convinced that this was a costume. There may be a war coming…

#4: The Incredible Inflatable HulkDallas Comic Con- Inflatable Hulk (600x800)

What makes this costume great: The creativity! Not to mention the commitment and patience it took to walk around a crowded convention in balloons all day.

#3: Pink BobafettDallas Comic Con- Pink Boba Fett(800x600)

What makes this costume great: She’s adorable!

#2: DalekDallas Comic Con- Dalek, TARDIS, etc

What makes this costume great: There is a person inside that Dalek! I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen them remove the top to give the poor boy inside some Chick-fil-A.

#1: Johnny 5Dallas Comic Con- Johnny 5 again (600x800)

What makes  this costume great: Just look at it, it’s amazing.


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