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Dallas Comic Con- River SongAfter three days of panels, cosplay, and geek acquisition the DCC is done.

The 2013 Dallas Comic Con has come and gone and it was an event to be remembered. There were some of the most memorable cosplay moments, like the Dr. Song to the left. If you read the costume list then you also saw the amazing Johnny 5 and the brilliant Dalek. There were a plethora of Starfleet officers, a baby Borg Queen, and many more. It was also packed with celebrity appearances and event panels from top to bottom. I’d like to have seen more exclusives and more availability in the exclusives (it was only 15$ for the Reverse Flash vinyl figure if you pre ordered but they were sold out well before the con and you could only get one third party for 45$, tsk tsk).

Brandon Routhe from Superman, William Shatner, and even Andrew McCarthy were scattered about the floors. I sat in on the Fringe panel and watched John Noble imitate a dance called “having sex with a tall woman”. It was a wild time.

Dallas Comic Con- Black CanaryDay one kicked off at 2PM and it was the lightest of the 3 day event. By the time me and the Fam arrived, shortly after the doors opened, there was still parking available in the garage. Byt this point the exclusive Reverse Flash figures were long since sold out and my face was all 🙁 . I eventually recovered. Then after getting my wrist band from the press booth I made one more 🙁 at the thought of having to wear a bracelet for three days (they did not issue new bands each day), and it was a little disappointing being on a band system anyways. I’m a firm believer in badges. But enough of the #sadface, it was off to see the wizard from that point on.

The costumes were great each day. The events were lighter on the first day, but I was shocked at the celebrity exposure, and even more shocked to realize that Andrew McCarthy from Pretty In Pink was at a comic convention (my wife couldn’t stop staring and Senior McCarthy was obviously creeped out). This was my first con were Brent Spiner and Levar Burton were in attendance.

Dallas Comic Con- Superman (475x800)I didn’t attend any panels the first day (the biggest event I wanted to see was the Fringe panel, Rachel wanted to see the TNG most of all). I guess technically I dropped in for a brief moment on Tommy the Green Rangers panel for a microsecond. Just long enough to hear him say that he doesn’t watch TV he only likes being on TV. Because that’s what patrons of the arts say, “I don’t support the idea of what I do I just like being noticed for doing it…”.

On the second day, SAturday, the crowd was through the freakin’ roof. wall-to-wall, and the cosplay contest brought out the crazies (by crazies I mean most awesome of people). I dawned my homemade Scarecrow costume and my boys sported blue and green Lantern costumes. And a good time was had by all. The Fringe Panel started at 12 and I got to hear Walter and Astrid banter in real life much like they do on the show. Apparently John Noble doesn’t know how mics work because he frequently looked away and spoke his answers during the Q&A to Jasika Nicole (Astrid) and out of earshot of all in attendance. But he was still obviously quirky and interesting and it was amazing to see the two in person. Especially so soon after wrapping up the series.

Dallas Comic Con- Star Wars ship

After Fringe, we sat in on Brandon Routhe’s lone panel where he talked about punching the highlights out Knives Chow’s hair and how much he liked Superman despite it’s lackluster reviews. It was a little frowny face to see him having to field all the Q’s with no one other than the mediator to absorb some of the crowd attention.


The second day costume contest brought out the impressive Dalek and the Johnny 5. There was a fun “Post Apocalyptic Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Penguin” who actually asked me in Scarecrow to join their group for the contest, which I declined. They won first place in the group contest.

Dallas Comic Con- Fringe ! (800x600)On the third day Rachel sat in on the TNG panel and listened to Brent Spiner, Gates McFaden, and Levar Burton bag on Michael Dorn for his inability to remember his lines and joke about a Gates McFaden/ Will Wheaton cougar love interest on the Big Bang Theory. To the best of my knowledge this was the only panel that filled to capacity on the 4th floor’s Grand Ballroom which can house a freakin’ huge amount of peeps. The costume contest maxed out and then some the day before but TNG was probably ready to collapse the fourth floor all together.


By the end of day 3 it had been a long and tiresome journey from beginning to end. They had some great moments and an amazing gaggle of guests. Sure it could have used more displays and open to the public events. I would have liked to see a local artist painting a mural or sculpting a Picard out of butter somewhere in the center of the exhibition room. But it was still a solid con. I’ll def check it out next year. Until then, may all you geeking be live and all your nerding be wild.

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