Arrested Development Season 4

Arrested Development is finally back! Arrested Development originally had 3 seasons on Fox from 2003 until 2006 when it was pulled from us too soon. Despite the cancellation of Arrested Development, the fanbase has never dwindled. Rumors circulated for years about a revival of the show and an Arrested Development movie starring the original cast. I have to admit, as the years passed I became less and less hopeful about either possibility. Then, in 2011, Netflix came to the rescue with the announcement that they would renew Arrested Development for a fourth season. And soon word came that the entire original cast had signed on! And so, the long wait began.Arrested DevelopmentThen, finally, on May 26th 2013, Netflix gave us Arrested Development season 4. All 15 episodes. And it was every bit the same quirky, disturbing Arrested Development we had been missing all these years. Season 4 is set a few years in the future of course, but all the characters are still up to their old antics. Maeby is still trying to get her parents’ attention. Gob is still feuding with Tony Wonder. Tobias is still trying to be an actor (and still never nude). Ann still loves Jesus. And Oscar is still impersonating George.

The writers took advantage of the entire season being released at once, writing a story that almost necessitates you watch it all in one sitting. Season 4 follows no chronological order. Instead, it focuses on one character each episode, following that character’s personal story, slowly weaving together a full account of what took place. One scene will appear in multiple episodes, always from someone else’s point of view, revealing another piece of the puzzle. arrested development castI thought the new season was brilliant. I was excited to see so many characters return, such as the Richter quintuplets and Barry Zuckerkorn.I’m sad that it’s already over. But, I will definitely be watching it again. And again. And again. With such a complex storyline, I’m sure I missed something the first time.

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