Geek Book Review: Phoenix

A.J. Scudiere- PhoenixPhoenix, by A.J. Scudiere is about a firefighter named Jason who goes on a quest to discover his past. Jason has always known that he was adopted as a small child. However, he doesn’t remember his life or his family before adoption. In the beginning of the book, he learns that he has a biological brother and decides to find him. There are many twists and turns along his journey, but as the reader, you can spot them all from a mile away. Because of the obviousness of the plot line’s direction, some mysteries are played up too much.

The characters are likable despite their lack of development or real personality. Through the whole book I couldn’t peg what kind of person Jason is. The book describes him as an “alpha” and points out on multiple occasions that he only dates dumb women with big boobs, but that is not the personality portrayed in the book. He seems very serious and quiet. I had difficulty understanding some of his actions in the book and I think that’s due to feeling like I don’t actually know him.

A.J. ScudiereScudiere did seem to do a lot of research as to how firehouses run. Granted, I know nothing of firehouses, but she says in the acknowledgements that she researched it and she definitely writes about it with great attention to detail. If you happen to be a firefighter, this book could be very interesting to you. You could compare the Southfield firehouse to your own firehouse. And if you are a firefighter, please let me know how realistic this book is. If you’re not a firefighter, I would recommend that you pass on this book. This book is alright. However, if you’re going to take the time to read a 397 page book, there are better ones.


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Now for my rating: I give Phoenix 2 1/2 brave firefighters out of 5




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