Geek Book Review: God’s Eye

God’s Eye is a novel by A.J. Scudiere about an angel and demon in a battle over a human female. God's EyeThis book starts out alright. Crazy things keep happening to Katherine Geryon and she fears that she is losing her mind. It turns out that there is an angel and a demon who each need her for his plan. However, each one presents himself as human, so Katherine doesn’t know which is the angel and which is the demon. And she can’t know until after she decides which one to help.

The book is fairly interesting. Some of the things Scudiere comes up with are clever. And it’s fun to try to guess which man is the angel and which is the demon and which man Katherine will choose. The characters are flat and bland, but they are likable enough. My biggest complaint would be that Scudiere feels the need to tell you four times on every page that Katherine is highly trained in the ways of etiquette. I’m pretty sure she points it out in every conceivable way.

At least, that was my biggest complaint UNTIL chapter 25. Chapter 25 is where Scudiere decides that this book doesn’t need to have a point and back peddles on everything she said in chapters 1-24. I read the entire book waiting for the climax and the consequences, but alas, it never came. In lieu of a climax, Scudiere gives the reader a boring sugar-coated ending that drags on way too long.

You can buy the book here. But if you do, stop reading at the end of page 372. Trust me, absolutely any ending you can come up with is better than the one Scudiere gives you.

Because of the sharp turn this book takes at the end I’m giving it two ratings.

Pages 1 through 372: 3 out of 5 demons posing sexy men

Pages 373 through 419: 0 out of 5 angels also posing as sexy men



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