Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion by Mark Salisbury

Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion by Mark Salisbury

This has got to be one of my more favorite books as of late. It was a real treat to read through and look at.


It was a quick read and really went over some interesting things from the film that you might never notice. The introduction about how the original show had influenced Johnny Depp and Tim Burton was also fun to read about. Though of course my general warm fuzzy feelings about this book might be influenced by the fact that I can’t rant and rave enough about the film.

Now if I did have a complaint it is that I would have liked some pictures. I really felt that some on set images next to all the design sketches would have been awesome. It would have allowed for some nice compare and contrast to how they realized the interesting artistic vision of the film. But if that is my only gripe, we are doing okay.

All in all I will give this book a great recommendation based on the idea that if you loved the film you will want this book. If you didn’t care for this film, then don’t bother buying the book. It really is that simple.

Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion was compliments of Titan Books.

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