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If you drink alcohol or even watch tv and movies I’m sure that you’ve heard of whiskeys like Glenlivet, Johnny Walker, and Jack Daniels, but how about Yamazaki? The Whiskey Opus from DK seeks to remedy that situation.

There are so many whiskeys in the world and most people only know their brand. The Whiskey Opus is basically an encyclopedia of the world of whiskey. From retail bottles that everyone can get to limited runs that cost thousands of dollars a bottle and only have 20 or so bottles in existence. One of the best parts about the Whiskey Opus is that every distillery has its story told in full color and high quality photos. Here are some photos from the book:


Whiskeyopus1 Whiskeyopus2 Whiskeyopus4

The Whiskey Opus, like most DK books, is very well put together and beautifully organized into a easily readable package. For whiskey lovers this book is a must have and if you have an interest in the way that great spirits are made then you need to take a look at The Whiskey Opus.

The Whiskey Opus was compliments of DK.

You can buy The Whiskey Opus on Amazon.

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