Sony reveals PS4 (without a PS4)

forbes-ps4-stageimageSony’s February event covered a variety of things, including the much anticipated PlayStation 4. They didn’t have an actual PS4, but that’s beside the point… I guess? Sony did expound on its features, including more or less a concrete list of specs (below) and a detailed look at the new DualShock 4 controller. There are mixed reactions to the the new console, some folks elated and others on the fence about the features. The console is slated for a Holidays 2013 release.

While they had many a demo screen for the audience, there was no actual PS4 to be seen. The pictures floating around on the internet machine will have to suffice until Sony gets their design nailed down. It will probably be black, and rectangular, and have some kind of logo on it. Yes.

Here are some things we know the PS4 will have:

  • Tightly integrated Vita interaction, with the goal of all PS4 games capable of being streamed to the device (like the Wii U controller/system).
  • Cloud based gaming, with Gaikai.
  • No boot-up time, it will go directly to the home screen.
  • A secondary processor will allow background downloads during game play and while the system is off.
  • Social networking and lots of sharing.
  • The same apps and video streaming that the PS3 features.

(One note on the Vita integration – at this time it looks like it will have to be a wired connection.)

The new controller will have a touchpad, motion control and a light bar for identification/movement syncing. The share button will share things, including a feature that is supposed to include sharing items, dropping care packages into other games, and also letting other people remotely control your game. The controller looks nice, with good changes being made to the existing controller.ps4controller1ps4controller2 This will replace the current Move controller, so we’ll only need the DualShock 4 controller.







The backwards compatibility, as of right now, is going to be cloud-based, and we won’t be able to use our physical games. Don’t pack up your PS2s and PS3s yet. However, Sony is planning a digital game catalogue for PS1 through PS3 games available on their cloud service Gaikai – with the PS3 games being a priority. Will we have to repurchase our games? We don’t have an answer to that yet. Overall, the new console is moving in an all digital direction, which is the going trend in the next generation consoles. As the year goes on, especially by this summer, we’ll have more details for you.


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