iOS App-Aholics Anonymous: 2013 Shout-Out

Welcome to the 8DAG of 2013, app-aholics! Since this year kicked off a little lethargically in the AppStore, I thought I would take the week to highlight the changes that will be taking place here on iOSA3.

As the 8DAG crew continues to expand across the globe, we’ve found that our new blood has still yet to meet some of you wonderful folks (myself included). I want to change that. Let’s get to know each other! In the comment box below, tell us a bit about yourself. Why do you visit App-Aholics and/or the rest of the site on such a frequent basis? Then sound off on these questions:

  1. What types of games/apps interest you
  2. What apps help you function, and which are useless?
  3. What would you like to see more or less of each week?
  4. Have any other comment/suggestions about App-Aholics or 8DAG in general? We’d love to hear them!

Next, I would like to announce a slight change that will be taking place on iOS App-Aholics Anonymous from here forward. The game rating scale has been adjusted to encompass a new point system and how successfully the game achieves these. The following areas of attention are constructed to more fairly rate each reviewed app/game on a similar point scale with the intention of producing fair and unbiased results. Each game/app will be analyzed based on five specific categories. Each category represents one possible point to be earned. Partial credit can be awarded in each category if the app/game somewhat meets the criteria guidelines. The new rules, effective January 1st, 2013, are as follows:

  1. Appearance / Presentation
    • Is the artistry meticulous?
    • Smooth frame progression?
    • Type of gaming engine used
      • Modern vs Out-dated
      • If purposely retro, how was the execution?
  2. Audio
    • Is there verbal character speech or text only?
      • Is the voice acting worthy?
    • Original Soundtrack
      • Content and quality
  3. Playability
    • Ease of operation
    • Fluidity of movements (virtual joystick, accelerometer, etc)
    • Character control (full or restricted and purpose of such)
  4. Stability
    • Probability of game crashing
    • Unexplainable glitches
    • Any other playing abnormalities
  5. Value
    • Is the retail price worth the overall quality of the above-mentioned criteria (1-4)
    • Why?
  • Plus/Minus System
    • (determines if app/game is recommended by 8DAG)
      • Plus is for above and beyond enjoyability; exceeds gaming expectations
      • Minus is for less-than-satisfactory enjoyment; less than mediocre
      • No +/- signifies average enjoyment; meets expectations
  • iOSA3 Rating
    • This segment will now encompass the information that was once covered on the Bottom Line bullet, as well as overall explanation of the game/app rating (Some it Up), and explanation of the plus/minus 8DAG recommendation

Sound Off: Now I’m throwing the blog out to you guys! Do you have any other thoughts, opinions, or general comments about 8DAG or iOS App-Aholics Anonymous. We’re always in favor of some constructive feedback! Do you like what we’ve been serving up? Let us know about that, too! I look forward to your comments, and I will personally reply to each of you as diligently as possible.

Happy Downloading, Addicts!

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