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Welcome to the Geekend Review. It’s Sunday January 5th, the first week of our new year of 2013, and here are some top stories.

sony_logoToday SONY applied for patents that could predict some potentially dangerous trends for the gaming community. Similar to attempts made by NINTENDO on their DS line a while back it is reported that SONY has looked into possibilities to limit or prevent entirely the use of video games in any other console than the first console they are played on. It has been speculated that something like this could rear up in the future with the ever growing online community. It’s easily conceivable that with a constant internet feed your X BOX or PS3 or WiiU  system could register which discs have been played in it and prevent one from being able to play used copies of VG’s. But according to posts on G4 SONY has filed for patents that would allow the next gen systems of tomorrow to read a code on any disc that enters it and only allow someone to play games that they had purchased. This could be catastrophic for rental stores, used game stores, and even just borrowing and trading among friends. IDC how much money they lose due to resale, this will be a PR nightmare if they don’t stop looking into this. Hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned.

blackberry-10-phones-promo-leaked-0T-Mobil has announced, for whatever reason, that they will be making a new Blackberry model to proceed the Blackberry 10 (which will be Blackberries latest attempt to jump into the smartphone market). This new model, The Curve 9315, will be more of a throwback to Blackberries of Christmas past, perhaps something for those who are unwilling to move toward the future. Much like those men with seventies style mullets who aren’t wearing them ironically. You can usually recognize these men by the fact that they are old enough to actually have lived through the 70’s, and often they look moderately normal from every other angle except for their haircut. Don’t buy a Blackberry Curve, unless your getting it as a gift for your out of touch father.

wynCASEMobil gaming is off the hizzy (as the kids say… they say that right?). I myself bought POCKET MINECRAFT this weekend, and my lady friend bought the Wreck It Ralph/ Fix It Felix game as well this weekend. The industry numbers have launched skyward like so much sword in a Zelda game. One company has taken an innovative look at peripherals for this booming business with the WynCase. A case that wraps your smartphone in a classic style controller making gaming easier and nostalgic in one modern stroke. I like it.

box_office_34939Texas Chainsaw unseats the already “Unchained”, Django for the number one spot at the box office. Django in it’s 3rd week is closing in on 120 mill which will make it Terrintino’s most successful box office release, edging out his last venture, Inglorious Bastards.


In TV news a lot of shows have come back from their winter hiatus this week. The Big Bang Theory was back with a hilarious episode about sexual harassment. I know a learned that women are like egg salad sandwiches, which is contrary to what my father taught me (that women were made of  [EXPLICIT CONTENT DELETED], that is of course excluding the ones who were made proper in their youth of sugar and spice. Those young lasses grow into some sort of cinnamon beverage I believe). It was all good fun. Also premiering back this week, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and American Horror Story.

YJ_20DC NATION is back! I was caught off guard for this one and almost didn’t catch the new episodes of Young Justice, Green Lantern and all the DC Shorts (which may be the best part of DC NATION). It was all good stuff. Young Justice introduced Black Beetle and had some striking reveals for Martian Girl. Plot thickens for sure and if you aren’t already watching this series it is a must own, must watch, must dedicate your life to. GL rocked as well with a steam punk inspired ep and more multiverse madness with the Ol’ Anti Monitor. Other than The Big Bang Theory DC NATION is the best premier so far this year.


On the not so distant horizon we have Game of Thrones season 3 coming back on 3-31-13, and Being Human season 3 premiers next week on the 14th so set your DVR. I may have to rewatch s2 on netflix to catch back up on one of may favorite series.



Well, that’s about all I can think of for this review. As always feel free to comment below or contact me directly via twitter @werewolforigin or email through links somewhere here in the site. Explore the rest of the site while your at it. There’s good stuff around every corner. Until the future, The End.




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