Geek Book Review: Vengeance

The book Vengeance by A.J. Scudiere has three main characters: two serial killers targeting the mafia, and the FBI agent targeting the serial killers.A.J. ScudiereOne killer is a teenage girl. The other is a man in his thirties. They both have very different methods of killing and keep getting in each other’s way. Beyond that, I can tell you nothing of the main characters other than that they’re boring, generic, and they can both kill a person faster than you can blink. Although, why they are capable of that superhuman feat is never addressed.

With the third main character being pitted against those two, you would think that it would an exciting read where you’re not sure who to root for. That was not the case. All the characters are so two-dimensional, I couldn’t get interested in any of them. I found myself not caring if anyone lived or died. The FBI agent constantly comments on how dumb his partner is. He, however, can not make heads or tails of his case. Even the most obvious conclusions are lost upon him. Luckily, he has a sex-crazed Russian wife who knows how to use common sense and minimal deductive reasoning and can tell him what to do next. Vengeance book cover

The one good thing I can say is that the audio book  is much better than the printed version. I read this book as well as listened to some of the chapters. The actors on the audio book are good and are able to give a little life to the lackluster characters.

Rating: I give this book 1 out of 5 dead mafia goons.

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