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Good morning and salutations, mech-hienum for my Jebriet Brethren. It’s been yet another glorious week in geek. Glorious if you like your geek slow moving like a *** ****ed sloth! What the H guys? We are like two weeks from Christmas and the holiday shopping season is upon us like unwanted germs at the free clinic. Yet, not a whole lot is happening (moaning desperately, much like an over dramatic toddler). George Lucas hasn’t resold Lucas Arts, and Disney hasn’t announced anything new on the Star Wars continuing saga. Black Ops 2 has been out for a few weeks and Borderlands is still cool but has been discussed. Hrmm…

BBC recently screened the Christmas Doc Who special for press. There has been a lot of buzz leading up to this special which airs on Christmas day just a few weeks away. Buzz surrounds it with good reason, it will be the real introduction to the world of our new companion. As you may remember Amy and Rory took a nose dive into the past via Weeping Angel and quietly lived themselves to death somewhere in the 30’s. We’ve met the new companion, Oswald, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman already in a previous episode. Then she turned out to be a Dalek and destroyed herself after wiping out all knowledge of the Doctor from the Dalek collective mind network. It was a tease. In a few short weeks though, the world should have all their questions answered. Though the episode has been screened, due to heavy legal restrictions on what can and can not be said, all anyone can really say right now is that it is good. Sorry, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



X-Play on G4, in typical end of the year fashion, rolled out the lists. Counting down the best of the best for the year. The coveted Game of the Year award went, with no surprise, to the hugely popular sequel to Borderlands. If you’re making a list and you’ve checked it twice and it doesn’t have a copy of Borderlands 2 on it, then maybe you should add it to the list because experts have agreed that it is the greatest thing to happen in gaming this year. Beyond Halo 4, and beyond Black Ops 2, Borderlands is the game to stuff in those stockings sometime between now and the next 16 days.

The new Star Trek movie, Into The Darkness, has released a trailer which leaves us wanting. One thing is certain, it looks awesome. People are still wildly up in the air on Benedict Cumberbatch, from BBC’s Sherlock, potential role in the Trek film. Cumberbatch is playing a villain and with allusions to Wrath of Khan we have to wonder if this might be some subtle introduction to Abram’s interpretation of the Khan story arc? Let’s hope against that, because that would mean Spock is going to become a kid soon and Bones is going to have to hold his mind. Before long Abrams will take them on a ride to save whales and no one wants that.


Fall finales are wrapping up and we are settling in for a long winter’s nap. At least we have another Benedict Cumberbatch masterpiece coming our way next week in The Hobbit (which I have mixed feelings about) next week. So expect more from the world of geek. I (@werewolforigin) have been a little out of the loop lately. Earning that skrill for Christmas has been eating my time like Pac-Man eats dots. That and the comic work I’ve been doing with Premier Pulp has pulled me away from my marriage duties here at 8DAG. Which equals hashtag frowny face. But I promise to be putting my best foot forward and you will definately see a lot more in the weeks to come. Until next time, see you next week.

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