Tarzan the Centennial Celebration

“Me Tarzan, you Jane.”
Everyone, no matter what part of the last 100 years they’ve grown up in knows that phrase and has probably used it in a conversation at least once. Tarzan is a timeless story that has been retold over many years and in many different ways. Whether you like the original Tarzan from the black and white days or the newer and still classic Disney retelling (jungle book) The story of Tarzan will live on for generations to come. Even though you like Tarzan you may not know how he came to be and where he’s been throughout his long life; that’s where Tarzan the Centennial Celebration comes in. Here are some photos from the book.

There are a few key points that I want to stress about this book: quality, quantity, and quality (I know I said quality twice, but seeing that it seemed important I figured it was worth a second mention). The printing quality of Tarzan the Centennial Celebration is fantastic to say the least. Hard covers and a dust cover with accents of gold contain the entire history of Tarzan and his story. The pages have not only all of the Tarzan related info and stories you could ever hope to read, but also tons of high quality pictures that draw a beautiful picture of who Tarzan has been.

While Tarzan the Centennial Celebration is really geared towards fans of Tarzan, cheetah, and Jane; it fits that purpose to a “T”. A beautiful and complete telling of Tarzan’s evolution from story to pretty much every entertainment venue in existence, Tarzan the Centennial Celebration is a great gift for any Tarzan fan you know and may even be a great addition to your own collection.

Tarzan the Centennial Celebration was compliments of Titan Books.

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