Geek Book Review: Supernatural Rite of Passage

Supernatural Rite of Passage takes place during season 7 between episode 8 “Time for a Wedding!” and episode 9 “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters.” Back in the good ole days when Bobby was still kickin’. It was written by John Passarella.

Supernatural Rite of Passage


Now, I’m going to admit something: I’m not a HUGE fan of Supernatural. I like the show, but I don’t LOVE the show. I haven’t even seen every episode. I LOVED this book. This book was as a good as the best episodes of the show. Passarella does an amazing job at conveying these characters and getting the atmosphere and feel of the show on paper. He even tells you what songs are on the radio when they’re in the car.

John Passarella


The story takes place in a small town where people keep dying in really bizarre accidents. Sam and Dean pull their usual FBI gig and investigate. What kind of creature is in this town and why is it on a killing spree? The ways in which some of these townfolk die is incredibly gory. I kept finding myself wanting to close my eyes like I do when there’s gore in movies. Some of the deaths are also very entertaining and Final Destination-esque. Some deaths were so creative that I found myself thinking about them when I wasn’t reading and one night I even dreamed that people I know were being killed in weird and disturbing ways.

Rating: I give this book 4 out of 5 sexy demon hunters. And I highly recommend it. Even if you’re just a casual fan of the show.

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