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Woohoo! Happy Pre New Year! It’s been a long hard geeky year but with less than two days left I think it’s fare to say nothing new will happen this year. Time to call it an end not just to this weekend, but also this year. Osama Bin Laden is dead, the New Kids on the Block had a best selling album, and Happy Days had it’s final season where Richie died in a firey car crash. Sad year, the actor playing Richie Cunningham, Ron Howard, actually died in the fire that proceeded the car crash. Hashtag, sadface.


Okay, really. Ron Howard is still alive and Kyle Howard is still the star of the Paper Brigade. Osama Bin Laden is actually dead, if you haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty then I would at least hope you’ve been in the waking world for a few years. But any who, let’s wrap up this year.

Amy and Rory Pond said their farewells and made way for the next companion who debuted this year for the eleventh Doctor. It was quite the interesting ordeal in nerd culture. I wasn’t even that fond of the Ponds until the ep where they said farewell. It’s an up and down relationship. But it was a fine spread which made a smooth runway for the next installment in companions, Jenna Louise Coleman, or Oswin who has now died twice.






There were a plethura of pretty sweet games dropped this year and IDk what we’d call game of the year, but I will say that there were some doozies and we need to highlight them. Call of Duty Black OPS Dos, and Diablo Tres, and let’s not forget the drop of Nintendos newest endeavor the WiiU which I can’t necessarily say is a great idea (though I do want to get my hands on all the new mario and zelda titles).



This was the year Apple and Google had their head to head show down, and lawsuits flew like so much food in a middle school food fight. The wnner is still to be determined, but we do know that nApple Maps is one of the biggest failures to ever exist and they should hide their shameful heads in nerdful shame for all eternity and pray for the day that people forget the debacle that was them attempting to monopolize the industry of cell phone technology.

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But of all the many crazy things that happened this year my favorite, beyond Obama winning another four years (most young people and by default most tech savvy and geek embodying enthusiasts will be dems), and even beyond Fringe airing it’s final season (which is sad because I just discovered the show but joyous because it is amazing and I’ll now be able to discover an entire series post completion!) my favorite moment of the year and the craziest meme inspiring moment is the artist lady who thought she could reinvent the fresco.

frescogood stuff. Now Lucas Arts was sold to Disney this year and that has to be the winner for biggest geek news but it’s still in devolopment and I can’t even fathom what to say about it. But I can hope for an eventful 2013, since we already know the Mayans were a bunch of morons, and I expect much more news on that front in the not to distant future. It was a pleasant year and I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year. To all a good night. The End

The End






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