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Welcome back to the Geekend Review. I’ve been out for a few weeks finishing up a comic project with Premier Pulp and had to take a brief vay-kay from the geek scene. But that’s all behind me me now and I’m ready to hit this geek stuff in full force. It’s been a busy couple of weeks of course. George Lucas sold LucasArts to Disney and Disney is going to bring us more Star Wars (I’m excited for this). The only sitting President to appear in an issue of Spider-Man was given four more years as Commander and Chief. Master Chief surged back onto the scene in a crazy new game that almost makes me want to buy an X Box and take on the role of Spartan Warrior. And… (*whispering*) twilightpart5cameoutandsetboxofficerecords.

G4 is ending it’s original programming X-Play and Attack of the Show at the end of the 2012 year. There is talk of the show rebranding itself as a channel geared toward Men’s programming similar to SPIKE. X-Play is G4’s longest running show, hailing back from the old days of TechTV. AOTS has gone through a myriad of changes recently, losing Olivia Munn in the not to distant past, and then Kevin Pereira a few months back. Since then Candace Bailey and Playboy model Sarah Underwood have been carrying the weight of the show  with a plethura of guest hosts. Both X-Play and AOTS will continue up until the final days, then it’s anybodies game.

Geek TV has been spiraling into a world of chaos (spoiler alerts). It is so, so, so, crazy these days. I have been having to put shows on the back burner but some of these crazy trains have me so spun out it’s ridiculous. Merle is back on the Walking Dead, Laurie may have just died giving birth to Carl’s baby sister and the Governor is showing his true colors. On Dexter, Deb confessed her love for her brother Dexter after he hurt her by confessing that he might have feelings for another serial killer. I was on the edge of my freakin’ seat for that! I am so shocked by it. Is Dexter going to be the show that says incest is okay sometimes? Things can’t get much crazier.

Two weeks ago Master Chief came back into gaming lives in an all new adventure for the X Box 360. I’ve played a little bit of every Halo game to date. Though they have all been fun games, and something about the covenant and their space religious nuttery has made for amazing story telling I’ve never been the biggest fan of shooters. But this new saga has my interest peaked to a hardcore level. I almost want to get fan fiction and submerse myself in the Halo universe go out buy an X Box 360 and work my way through this game thoroughly. It looks so cool. Everything about it. Master Chief is one of the most Bad Ass characters of all time and this game looks so compelling. Reviews are high, but that’s not new for Halo, but the trailers are so sweet I may need it for Christmas.

Last and certainly least, I feel the need to mention (IDK why) that Twilight part 5, or Breaking Dawn part 2 was released this week wrapping up the series. I haven’t seen this. In fact I just saw part 4 a month ago. It was awful and I’m sure part 5 will be too. I read every book, and I will be completely honest here and say they are not the worst stories ever. They aren’t worth the hype, but the first book was even decent. The idea behind Stephenie Meyers sparkly vampires is dumb, but the story is almost interesting. Each book get progressively worse from that point, with the final installment being the worst book every written. The fourth movie based off of that final book was completely stupid and seeing as how I know how the fifth movie will end I can tell you it will be the biggest twat waffle ever hatched.

It fared worse in box office ratings then New Moon. So even the fans must be growing tired of Bella and Edward and their stupid love, which they have to tell you about over and over again otherwise you won’t believe it. Kristen Stewart, who we all know sleeps her way into rolls now, couldn’t act her way out of a paperbag. At least her new sparkly vampire skin may distract us from her horrible facial expressions. Supposedly the movie ends better than the books, which had the most lackluster uneventful ending of any story Webster’s Dictionary, but I can’t imagine that even having them fight could make the everything’s happy ending any better. My advice, wait for it to air on FX.

Well, I know it’s been a while but I’ll be back each week now bringing you all or some (most likely some) of your geek news with a totally biased opinion. As always feel free to comment below or message me direct @werewolforigin on twitter. See you next week, same bat time same bat channel.

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