Top 8 Current TV Sidekicks

In honor of the Doctor Who mid-season finale and the departure of his current companions, this week I will be exploring the top eight sidekicks currently on television.  Most come from hit dramas.  Though I have included a couple that make already amusing sitcoms even more entertaining and in some cases steal the show altogether. Let’s get straight to it shall we?


#8. Sam Axe/Fiona Gelanne (Burn Notice)– Without the assistance of these two, Michael Westen would probably have gotten himself killed, while searching for the reasons behind his dismissal from the CIA, a long time ago.  Whether it is Fiona’s explosives expertise or penchant for really large weapons, or Sam’s seemingly endless supply of “buddies” who owe him a favor, this show wouldn’t be nearly as successful without the addition of these two partners in crime….or crime determent….or both.  You get the picture.  In recent seasons, Jesse Porter has also established himself as integral to Michael’s life, but since he didn’t appear until season four and Sam and Fiona have been with him since the beginning, they get the nod at my number eight spot on the list.




#7. Wilfred (Wilfred)-  I know the show itself is named after the him, but in my opinion manic depressive Ryan Newman is the main character.  He’s the only person who sees Wilfred as anything other than what he really is…a dog.  Albeit a dog with a tendency to drink and smoke copious amounts of marijuana.  Wilfred attempts, through his own twisted means, to guide Ryan through his bouts with depression and provides nearly all the comic relief in a rather dark sitcom.  When he’s not drinking or smoking, Wilfred can be found lusting after large stuffed animals or taunting the other neighborhood pets.  There truly would be no show without him which gets him the number seven spot on my list.




#6. Monroe (Grimm)- In this procedural police drama, detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he is descended from a long line of guardians called Grimms.  The Grimms help protect humanity from mythological creatures referred to as “Wesen”.  Nick is new to the game and knows little to nothing of the job he has been tasked with.  Thusly, he defers to reformed Blutbad (a wolf-like wesen), Monroe, for information and advice in dealing with the myriad of creatures he encounters.  Not only would Nick probably have been killed numerous times without the aid of his friend, once again the sidekick is tasked with providing all of the comic relief in this supernatural drama.  For his ability to make us laugh and keep Nick Burkhardt alive on a weekly basis, Monroe gets the number six spot on my list.




#5. Watson (Sherlock)- As with any incarnation of the intrepid detective, Watson is integral to the story.  This BBC modern retelling is no different.  Watson is the perfect counterpart to the greatest analytical mind in history.  He is absolutely essential to reign in Sherlock at times and act as his link to the real world.  Which Holmes, more often than not, chooses to live outside of.  He is a doctor, expert marksman with his pistol, and the only true friend to a man that most could not stand to be around.  Holmes could not function in society without Watson and for that he grabs the number five spot.




#4. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)- This show probably never would have seen the success it has without the brilliant casting of Neil Patrick Harris as the sidekick to main character Ted Mosby.  Barney steals nearly every scene he is in and has all of us clamoring to “suit up” when going out for a night that will be legen….wait for it…dary!  There is no better wing-man than the philandering playboy with money to burn.  For his contributions to the modern lexicon, not to mention an entire bro-code for all male friends to live by, Barney Stinson slap-bets his way to the number four spot on this week’s countdown.




#3. Amy Pond/Rory Williams (Doctor Who)- The Doctor has had many guests in his TARDIS over the years.  We can all probably agree that Rose Tyler is the unanimous choice for favorite, but Amy and Rory have been no slouches in the companion department.  As with all companions, they have put their lives on the line to save the universe on multiple occasions, Rory even dying in the process somewhere near eight times by the end of their run as the Doctor’s companions.  They even gave birth to the Doctor’s future wife in the form of River Song…or Melody Pond.  It’s complicated to explain.  No one has given their life more in the company of the Doctor as Rory, or been forced to devotedly “wait” for the Doctor as Amy.  For this they rightly earn the number three position this week.




#2. Castiel (Supernatural)- Castiel, one of Heaven’s angels, debuted in season four by literally pulling Dean out of the bowels of Hell.  His reception was so well regarded that writers expanded his role in the future seasons.  He has had his ups and downs, turning on the Winchesters and siding with Crowley to open the gates of Purgatory.  Though, in the end Cas has always been there for the brothers even assisting in releasing Sam from the cage he was trapped in with none other than Lucifer himself.  I know Bobby Singer has probably been more essential to the Winchesters over the years but the character was killed off for good at the end of last season when the brothers burned the flask tying his soul to this world.  This left Castiel as the only real friend to the Winchesters and he showed it by helping them destroy the Leviathans and getting himself, as well as Dean, sent to purgatory in the process.  It has been hinted at in the new season that Dean may have left Castiel for dead in purgatory.  This leaves us with many questions regarding the future nature of his relationship with the brothers.  Yet, for his unmatched power, amusing emotionless reactions to Dean’s witticisms, and devotion to aiding the Winchesters in their quest to save humanity, Castiel descends from heaven to number two on my list.




#1. Opie Winston (Sons of Anarchy)- There has been no more depressing and unexpected event over the run of this show than the untimely death of SAMCRO member and best friend to main character Jax Teller, than the death of Opie Winston.  From the beginning of this series Opie has faced nothing but adversity head on.  This made him one of the most well-liked characters on the show.  He has done five years hard time, been set up as a snitch to bring down the club, dealt with the murder of his wife, the murder of his father, and even gotten himself sent to prison yet again solely to protect his best friend from retaliation by a rival gang on the inside.  Once there he is let in on all of the secrets Jax has been keeping from him over the years.  Despite his best friend’s secrecy and lies, Opie forces himself to be chosen by the guards as the SOA member that must fight to the death for the release of his brothers, accomplishing exactly what he had himself thrown in prison for…protecting his friends.  For his unparalleled loyalty to his brethren and the sacrifices he has made for the club, Opie Winston deservedly rides into the number one spot on my list this week.



There you have it folks!  That’s my list of the best sidekicks currently on television.  Did I forget any of your favorites?  Well that’s too bad.  They’re probably not that cool anyway.  You can comment below, email me at [email protected], or follow me on Twitter @SeanMLScott.  Until next week, allons-y!





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