Error Code 8 Episode 35

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Error Code 8

Episode 35

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Zach Laidlaw @ztlaidlaw



  • Redesigned AppStore
  • several native apps have had a design update but nothing significant
  • the stability issues I was beginning to see at the end of iOS 5 seemed to be addressed in iOS 6.
  • iCloud reports being smoother than before. I haven’t particularly noticed this yet, but other members of our 8DAG crew have vouched for it.
  • Reading lists in Safari finally save off-line


  • As we knew, the mapping app in iOS 6 is no longer Google’s, and it shows
    • TRUE, the Siri-enabled navigation is nice, but not at the price of having incorrect information
    • EX: I was moving east while facing south. What!?
    • Reported bugs for non-US locations (names being incorrect of destinations missing completely)
      • Jay experienced this issue firsthand
  • “Wifi + Cellular” toggle/feature that appeared in Beta 4 was forgotten or removed
  • couldn’t help but notice that some app layouts appear a bit less sophisticated (ex: FindMyFriends now looks like a child designed it; the dialing pad in the phone app looks cheaper)
  • sure, Siri can tell you more, but is she anymore responsive/precise, and can she match up to Google Now? When Siri’s on her game, it’s a great service, but unfortunately, she’s so inconsistent that’s it’s hard to know which Siri you could be talking to.
  • still no live icons, tiles, widgets, etc
  • Still no “find word” option in Safari (iPad
  • received this with iOS5 or earlier)
  • Still no unified search bar either
  • New AppStore interface isn’t as easily searchable


  • probably the most boring iOS update known to mankind
  • this also just happens to be the first iOS update that Steve Jobs may’ve had nothing to do with
  • So the question remains: Is Apple, without Jobs, losing its touch again?
  • With only subtle upgrades made between the iPhone 4S and 5 as well as basic “new” features added to iOS6,  what does the future of Apple look like? Have they forgotten how to innovate. Do they no longer have a direction to move forward to?
  • the iPhone, especially with its recent record-breaking stock, is still one of the most relevant and desired brands of the era, but for how much longer?

  • Samsung vs Apple Continues, but the tables have turned
    • according to MacRumors, Samsung moves ahead with its motion to potentially remove the iphone 5 from the US market on grounds of Samsung’s LTE patent
    • Moral of the story: Apple sues for what they claim is “patented technology,” competitors will sue on their own ideas that would otherwise be considered “general technology”. Can’t anyone play nice!?

  • Google to the Rescue
  • Like their native YouTube App, MacRumors reports that Google has already submitted their official Google Maps app to the AppStore. It just awaits approval. So Apple users won’t have to stay lost in the world for long.


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