The Hand of Fu-Manchu

The Hand of Fu-Manchu is the third book in the series and in my opinion, better than the second. The Return of Fu-Manchu seemed to me to be nothing but a rehash of the first.  As usual though, this book is very similar to what has come before, but is has new and different elements. We also finally get to see the budding romance between Dr. Petrie and Karamenah going some where. It doesn’t get far but at least it is finally moving.

This book also finally reveals who Dr. Fu-Manchu works for, the insidious Si-Fan! Though little is revealed about them, we do finally get an idea to the scope of the menace that Dr. Fu-Manchu represents.  I guess this book is best summed up as a mixed bag. Not as much old but not enough new. But what can you expect from the book series that invented this genre?



The Hand of Fu-Manchu was compliments of Titan Books.

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