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Does anyone want to know what’s grinding my gears? Good! Because regardless of the answer, you are getting to find out. This is how the magic happens. You ask for more and at some point I deliver! Enough jokes aside, I took a while off to find new employment, among other things, so hopefully more book reviews will be on the way! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new writers who have come on board. If anyone has noticed it took like four people to replace me. Sadly they don’t talk about Ramblers.

If anyone is still wondering, I did hate the last Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. Good lord was that film way too long and way too Sean Connery filled for my taste. I mean, I like him in James Bond and most films he does, but casting him as Bane was silly… oh wait… that wasn’t Sean Connery? You mean they thought Bane sounded like that? What is wrong with these idiots? The last question I have is why couldn’t Robin be Azrael? What the flipping chickens was going through these morons heads?

Plus that Superman trailer made me think the Perfect Storm was getting a sequel.

Seriously DC!

So… how about those Marvel films!

See ya all next time!!!!

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  1. How dare you tease me by putting a picture of the Muppets in your article and not talking about the Muppets. I’m appalled.

  2. Muppets do as they please!

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