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It’s been an interesting week. BBCAmerica announced the release date for the first episode of Doctor Who season 7 (Sept 1st). The world lost a great hero, and Apple won the first battle in their bid to control the world. Let’s begin.

Star Wars Celebration VI is in full swing this weekend in Orlando, FL. Sadly I missed this one, in part because they decided to host in the same city as SWCV. I’m sure it’s as awesome as ever. Chris Hardwick has been tweeting LIVE from the event. He interviewed George Lucas this morning and they revealed a new animated series that will be airing on Cartoon Network.

The new series is produced by some of the same folks who bring you Robot Chicken and will star the voice talents of Donald Faison, Brecken Meyer, Seth McFarland and many others. It’s obviously going to focus more on the comedic.

Like any good con, costume participation is almost mandatory. Thousands of brilliant pictures are flooding the interweb and Instagram right now. More Slave Leia’s than you can shake practice saber at. Costumes and exclusives are my favorite part of a con. Panels are fun, but I’m not a big fan of waiting in line. If only Zaboo and the “seat savers” were real.


Sad news from Silicon Valley this week. Apple won the war over “rectangles with rounded corners…” in a unanimous decision by a jury. At this moment Samsung is currently in debt for over one-million in damages to Apple for “violating” several copy right laws. Some of the features they were found to be guilty of violating include, double tap to zoom, pinch-and-zoom, and bounce back when you scroll to the bottom of a page. The ruling judge has yet to completely nail the coffin shut and may still over turn a few of the Jury’s decisions here in the U.S. Either way, it looks a like a d-bag move from a company sore that they’re only making bajillion-dollars from consumers instead of a million-bajillion. We’ll watch for more news on this.

And in really sad news, the world lost a hero in Neil Armstrong yesterday. Armstrong passed away at 82 of heart complications. He’d been in the hospital recently for heart problems and evidently was unable to recover, finally succumbing yesterday in a hospital in Cincinnati near his home. Neil Armstrong is best known for being the first man to walk on the moon. He was also a test pilot, and Eagle Scout, and a Korean War Vet among other things. He is a great testament to human ability and has served and will continue to serve as an inspirational for people the world over. He will be missed. RIP Neil Armstrong.


Well, that’s about it for Geek News. Some screen shots for the new Star Wars game Star Wars 1313 have been released (it’s been described as Star Wars Hell for it’s visceral atmosphere and characters). And of course don’t miss the Premier of Doctor Who coming up very soon and read our review right after. In the meantime, I’ll see you next week. The End.



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