Geek TV Review: Grimm, Season 2


The new season of Grimm premiered last night, much to my surprise. I thought I had to until September? Or at least until the end of the month, like with every other normal show on television. I won’t complain, I was missing Monroe the wolf man.

We pick back up right where we left off with season 1, the mysterious woman in black saves Nick and she scolds him with her mom voice, and he acts like he’s seen a ghost. Why wouldn’t he, right? His mom is dead! (Or not.) They get close in a strange, violent way. Being a Grimm, an inherently violent occupation, will do that to you. We learn that her dad was the Grimm that passed it on to her and Aunt Marie, and their training was not gentle.

Wesen-BadTeethThe episode introduces a new wesen, a Sabre Tooth looking guy who is pretty much just that—a Sabre Tooth wesen, but his species name is French and we are told a couple times that he is a major killer. The bodies he leaves behind really negates anything that says otherwise. He’s working with someone you might recognize from a short-lived NBC series, The Cape’s Chess. (Awesome!)

Kimura is arrested and neatly tucked away for the rest of the episode, and season. We run into True Blood’s Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck), who is Adiland’s mother Catherine. She is our new witch beast, and I’m excited to see that actress on television again. Her and Renard are trying to figure out what Adiland did to Juliette to put her in the coma. As the episode progresses Rosalee, Monroe and Catherine are on the right road to her recovery, which Captain Renard is fervently pushing. Hank is still suffering from wesen PTSD, so we’ll see how that goes. He’s functioning well during the work day but sleeping with a semi-automatic rifle. Oh boy.

The episode ends with a big TO BE CONTINUED after a couple of minor characters are ripped into ribbons by Mr. Long Teeth, who in turn lures Nick into his lair. It’s all very basic for Grimm, and every unpleasant for the viewer, having to wait again and all.  Overall, it was a fairly solid episode. It filled in a lot of blanks and was a good set up for the upcoming episodes. Some of the artifacts from season one are still in play. The mystical power coins are being downplayed to the special map key that Marie left Nick when she died, which is a part a set that someone is trying to complete.

Grimm is off to a strong start, and hopefully season two will maintain its air of urgency. Right now the story is good but NBC has this way of deflating good things. Don’t screw it up!

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