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Well it’s Sunday and by now you’re all back from Church, except for a small few who hang back for the after party. By now you’re settling into your recliner in front of your GoogleTV with a TV dinner (Turkey and Gravy I’m sure) and 44oz of you’re favorite bedtime beverage. I’m also sure 8daysageek is stored in your favorites as it is in mine and you’ve signed in to read your favorite weekend review for all your geek activity. I sure don’t want to disappoint, so rambler’s let’s get rambling.

Way back in the 80’s, or a few months back (I always get those two confused), a fella by the handle DaE released the details for the X Box 720 development kit. This was largely speculated to be a hoax or at least inaccurate. Recently though Digital Foundry chased the story to it’s core, talking with DaE and game developers to confirm that the leaked  development kit is for real. So throw on a pair of welders goggles and dust off your soldering iron, it’s time to play Tony Stark and make your own 720. You’ll have to design your own games for it of course but I think you’ll finally be able to watch blu ray!

Most of the geek news circling the globe is still hangover from comic con and The Dark Knight Rises. Last week Warner Brothers announced that they would be with holding the box office numbers from it’s opening weekend out of respect for the victims of the tragic incident in Aurora Colorado. Monday they rolled out the results and even with some lighter than expected results DKR is still the highest grossing non-3D opening of all time. It ranks 3rd for the highest grossing opening of all time, falling only behind The Avengers and Harry Potter 7.2, both released in 3D.


The Dark Knight Rises has received mixed reviews from most critics, even though it is garnering an 87% positive review and 90+ amongst fans on . The general consensus is that it was good just not great. Numbers have obviously declined some since opening last week, but DKR is still over half a billion worldwide. On the lighter side of Dark Knight news, Christian Bale made a charitable visit to the Hospital in Aurora to cheer up the victims of the Aurora shooting. He’s a nice guy. And DKR is still box office numbers champ.

Crunchyroll, the Japanese anime app/channel, announced this week that it is coming to PS3. This is big news for anime fans as 40% them own PS3’s according to IGN, and with the larger selection of jrpg’s and Japanese developed games Crunchyroll believes this app will be ideal for PS3. Bringing a large selection of anime films and shows as well as other Eastern programming Crunchyroll will have a free version and a premium version that will offer more for anime than Netflix or current western anime channels can.



This was one of the most exciting pieces of news I heard this week, outside of the 11 medals Team USA has won so far, was the announcement of Google Fiber. Google Fiber which is only being offered in Kansas City, MO right now but will hopefully be expanding to other markets soon will offer free internet and hardware to its subscribers.


A one time fee of 300$ for construction will give you free internet for at least seven years. The fiber cable and media hub that they offer with 120$ premium package will give you internet speeds 100x faster than broadband. It will come with a free media hub that will act as your wifi broadcast point as well as a free google Nexus 7 tablet which you will use to control your new cable package and amazing internet. This package and hardware deal is better than what I’m currently getting, if they can get AMC and HBO added to the deal I’ll be on board so fast.

Outside of Googles amazing plans for the future of TV and internet and some late DKR news, the season is still just rolling along as the doldrums of Summer Programming drag through the desert waist left behind by a record drought. Tonight Breaking Bad aired another wacky episode so I’m going to go finish watching that now. If you have any comments feel free to share below or @werewolforigin. You can also reach us all @8daysageek or via email for ideas, news, or questions. Until next week, The End.


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