Geek TV Review: Weeds Season 8 Premiere

The 8th and final season of “Weeds” began Sunday night.  Immediately peaking my interest with the title sequence resurrecting the original “Little Boxes” theme song.  In addition, we were treated to a summary of the previous seasons via amusing illustrations of the events leading us up to this point.  Season 8 began right where season 7 left us.  With the crosshairs of a rifle pointed directly at the Queen of Kush, Nancy Botwin.



To no one’s surprise, the gunshot that ended season 7 was indeed intended for Nancy.  And it has found its mark.  Nancy is rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.  Shane races through the bushes in pursuit of the assailant to no avail.  This is when I begin to grow disheartened.  The show used to have a gritty, dark quality that I enjoyed so much.  Maybe I was hoping for Shane to catch the assailant and exact revenge on him Clint Eastwood style.  Instead we were treated to a few minutes of amusing elderly neighbors and incompetent police officers.


The next twenty minutes or so, we spend listening to the family discuss their disfunctionality.  Andy is once again contemplating his love for his dead brother’s widow as well as succumbing to the advances of Nancy’s sister yet again.  He then proceeds to confess all this to a rabbi/chaplain (Yep! He’s both…) in the hospital cafeteria.  Doug uses Nancy’s medically induced coma as an opportunity to fondle the unconscious woman.  Shane confesses to Silas that he has joined the police academy and believes he wants to be a cop despite the family’s propensity for illegal activities.  Not to mention his own involvement in a murder back in Mexico.

Finally, the shooter is revealed when Tim Scottson enters Nancy’s hospital room.  Tim is the son of Nancy’s deceased DEA agent husband from way back in season 2.  Why Tim shot Nancy remains a mystery as all Tim says is, “I thought it would make me feel better” and “it didn’t” before he is interrupted by the entrance of a family member of the coma patient in the next bed over.  Tim runs out the door and the episode ends.  Leaving us wondering not only what his motives were.  But will this show regain some of its former glory for its final season run?  This geek surely hopes so.

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