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I have a problem. This is a major life changing event. I really didn’t realize it until I watched Avengers. What I have realized is this: I am a Marvel fan now. For years I hated Marvel for so many reasons I can’t count them. My real main hatred was the X-Men and the over use, well more like whoring out of Wolverine. Well, Spider-Man to a less extant. But, much like all comic fans I tend to ignore the stupid things. So, I will continue to ignore that mutant crap. The only thing I think DC can really sway me with is the fact that they tend to treat the talented creators they have had better. Come on Marvel, Stan Lee didn’t invent everything you have.

The following are many of the ways that DC is has dropped the ball and I’m sure even more items can be added by others, but these are my qualms.

DC can’t make a film to save its soul. I truly believe the problem is that they are owned by Warner Brothers. Marvel can shop around and make people fight for the privilege to make them a film. DC doesn’t have this ability. What they have is a parent company who thinks it has the only ability to make a film. They most certainly don’t. The best thing that Warner Brothers could ever do is let DC become an independent division.

DC needs better corporate partners and this goes beyond being stuck with Warner Brothers. Mattel currently holds the master license to make toys and games for DC. This is the bread and butter of any property. Hasbro had it for a long time and fumbled the ball bad and lost it. But Hasbro has at least learned from many of its mistakes and really that period was bad for anything Hasbro did. G.I.Joe really suffered. At the time ToyBiz owned Marvel and introduced a lot of shitty toys over the 1990’s until one day they created something called Spider-Man classics which evolved into a little something called Marvel Legends and the rest all you good comic book fans should know. Now ToyBiz is no more and Disney owns Marvel. This has led Hasbro to pick up the Marvel License. They did fumble at first but have had a lot of success to the point that most of it has been forgiven. Now back to Mattel. They had more failure and more complaints with all there DC toys than anyone wants to admit. More DC toy lines have come and failed under Mattel’s watch than should be allowed. Hasbro never had a problem selling Batman toys. How does Mattel do it? I believe more work is involved with failing to sell a Batman toy than could ever be needed to just sell one.

The Green Lantern film and the Catwoman film, enough said.

Birds of Prey and Smallville, not going here either.

In some ways I wonder if DC is trying to fail…

I almost feel like Red Hulk when I think about all of this. Come one DC step up the game and more importantly, Warner Brothers let them do it.

Let DC movies be more competitive and allow other studios to make them movies.

Dump Mattel and go back to Hasbro. Lego can handle having both Marvel and DC toys, not to mention MEGO did it for years. Mattel only know two things. Hotwheels and Barbie.

I of course know way better than to ever think any of this will happen. Plus I haven’t even touched on the actual comics themselves. Someone else can give that a rant another day.

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