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Tonight was the finale of Game of Thrones. HBO’s hit series based off of the George R. R. Martin novels, A Song of Fire and Ice, has been a run away success. Currently it holds the third place trophy on HBO’s shelf for most watched television series of all time. The series is only in it’s second season so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it trump someone and move up a slot. Watch out Sopranos. 10 million viewers on average each week when the final tally comes in. That includes HBOgo, OnDemand, encore episodes, and DVR viewings. The caliber of this series is off the charts epic. It isn’t hard to see why people love it. Even as a fantasy you get drawn in by the character development and story plots, atmosphere and undertone. The finale aired just a few short hours ago and it didn’t disappoint. Avert your eyes and shut off your ears, because after this pic of Tywin Lannister I’m going to let you know if Tyrion Lannister is alive and other spoilers. So, ALERT!

Well there’s good news and bad news on the Tyrion front. Good news is that he’s alive. Bad news is that he’s a disfigured half-man now. I had hoped Tywin would resume his role as Hand, reward Tyrion and slap Joffrey. Tywin and Joffrey have such dominating personalities it seemed as if they’re destined to clash. Much to my disappointment they did not. King Joffrey rewards Tywin, he resumes role as Hand and Tyrion falls into the shadows. Cersei tried to have her brother killed apparently, while he slept after being struck down defending the Kingdom. Shea tries convince Tyrion to run away with her, but he loves the “game” so much he is going to struggle on. As much of a cliff hanger his story was and as much as the seemingly center of the story he has been this season, he had a small impression on the finale.

Last week the series took a dip in viewer ratings, but last week was memorial weekend and TV takes a dip in ratings all across the board as people shut down and power off for a few days to enjoy the fam for a while. I expect the numbers to come in higher than ever before for tonight’s slice of heaven. It seemed as if the series was going to end on a slow uneventful note. The Blackwater episode was so amazing, with the siege of the Red Keep and Bronn setting the sea on fire, the Hound said “**** the king” to the King! All we got during the first half of tonight’s finale was a depressed little Lannister. Then a ton of craziness happened from the other end of the earth. Rob is an oath breaker now. In a secret ceremony in the woods Rob wed his healer friend. Daenerys was captured by the priests at Qarth before she unleashed her own power and sieged Qarth for herself. She has the upper hand now, the money and the power and I fully expect her to set fire to next season.

The craziest thing of all though, was the herd of White Walkers marching past Sam in the final scene (ala The Walking Dead). Winter has been coming for two whole seasons and over nine years in Westros. Now the long Summer is over and the haunts from your wet nurses stories have come to life. Awaken from their thousand year slumber, as Sam told it earlier this season, and marching on the wall. Jon Snow is beyond the wall with the Wildling camps. “Lord Snow” hasn’t run into the herd of Walkers yet. He has however, killed the Ranger we last saw him held captive with, in order to gain the trust of the Wildlings. Next season he will be brought before Mance Rayder and we will see how he earns a name. With Deanerys gaining power and her dragons now at her command, and the White Walkers about to tear down the wall, it seems we will really begin to see what A Song of Fire and Ice is all about. Can not wait at all.

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