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Time for the review. It’s been a decent few weeks (I was absent last week #frownyface). Microsoft has announced its first tablet at a press event, Avatar The Legend of Korra finished their first season/book, Micheal Bay made the only good decision of his life, and rumors circle of FFVII makings its long overdue way over to PC

It’s been a decade since this RPG rocked the world and brought the Playstation to center stage as the first real console to challenge Nintendo for the video game throne (Which oddly enough is made up of melted Atari controllers). FFVII recently made G4’s list of the greatest video games of all time, #33. More importantly it made 8DAG’s own video game’s greatest list at #7. FF broke ground with impressive cut scenes and turned away from the wizard magic, and medieval fantasy of FF past. Start sharpening those buster swords and saddling those chocobo, if the port turns out to be true blue then we can look forward to seeing revised animation, and cloud compatiblity as well as other PC upgrades soon.

If you’re an Avatar fan then you already know about the two part, hour long, finale’ on Nickelodeon this weekend. Saturday Avatar The Legend of Korra finished their first season and officially ended book one, AIR. It was different. Watch for my review tomorrow for more deets, but for now I’ll say I liked it. It certainly wrapped up all the loose threads. Dante Basko who voiced Prince Zuko from the original series showed up at the end of episode 10 as General Iroh, grandson of Firelord Zuko. Brasco was a welcome addition to the new cast of characters, but he only had an hour long special to make us love him and except him. Using a familiar voice certainly helped. He impressed with his power and ferocity. The season wrapped up on a positive note and seemed to finish out everything they’d served up so far. My only complaint really is it felt rushed. I don’t know what they are going to offer us for book 2.

If you read us religiously, and you should, then you read my list a few days ago of the eightest and greatest classic cartoons. TMNT made the list but I had to bash Micheal Bay’s revision of the angsty turtles from the seedy sewers of New York as much as comment about why this cartoon was great. All over the web, from google search “is Daniel Tosh gay” to “Charlie bit my finger” the abomination that was to be Mr. Bay’s interpretation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had been frowned upon and dogged. He was going to make them alien’s from space! I heard he was gonna make Donatello a girl, and one rumor had my infuriated believing that it was going to just be Italian food in general that the youthful alien tarapins loved. Well, no more. Though it has not been said, too many complaints from avid fans and the websplosion of trolling the revision has prompted producers to rethink the direction of the film. Release date has been pushed back and the script is being rewritten. Don’t anyone every tell you your vote doesn’t count. Thank you to every troll who’s nasty comments finally brought a halt to what was sure to be a bigger mistake than Battleship.

Quick Box office touch and go. Brave, the animated story of the young scottish girl who breaks the boundaries of her time and sex to wield a bow and shoot stuff, finished in the lead with 60 mill. See our review for a more in depth judging. Madagascar 3 finished in 2nd, which was a shock to me, with only 20 million, Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter finished out the top three with 16 million. I guess it’s not a summer movie. Promethius is still holding in there finishing at number four with 10 million.


Before we wrap up the  geek review this has to be mentioned. Microsoft announced it’s first tablet last week. The Surface, named so far, was introduced at a limited press meet. One reviewer noted how each person was only allowed an extremely limited amount of hands on time and very little information was shared or shown. It looks cool. Price points are expected to be high at this stage. We know it has a state of the art cooling system, is extremely light, and has almost know moving parts inside. I’d watch for more info from our tech guys. I hope it offers us more than the windows phone. Right now we just know that it’s set to launch close with windows 8, and windows 8 is supposed to be the start of MS’s slow move away from the whole window format. The fold out key pad will be nice and hopefully more responsive then some touch screen interfaces I’ve dealt with in the past. Each unit ships with a kickstand which is something every unit from phone to eReader to tablet should ship with anyways. No one wants to hold a device and watch Netflix. Only time will tell. And that wraps up this week in geek

To talk more or share news you can always comment on the thread below or contact me @werewolforigin. To share any geek news you think the world needs to know about email us. Until then, signing off and see you next week. Same Geek time, same geek channel.

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