Geek Movie Review: The Raid

A SWAT team that wants to eradicate the bad out of the slums of Jakarta. Their assignment is to infiltrate the rundown concrete fortress, easy right? Oh I forgot to mention, the building has been over run by machete wielding henchmen belonging to the notorious drug baron Tama (Sahetapy) and he doesn’t like uninvited guests. The newbie police officer Rama (Uwais) kisses his heavily pregnant wife and joins the rest of the team but as he later finds out, not everything is as it seems.

I don’t think I have ever gasped so much during any film, until this one. I wasn’t the only one there making noises either, there were plenty of Agh’s and Ouches which just added to the atmosphere. One of the things I loved about this film so much is the ability it has to make you feel full of adrenaline and by the bucket load, it doesn’t waste time in getting there either.

When you think things can’t get anymore on edge, director and writer Gareth Evans just slips it into overdrive.

All though the storyline isn’t the most original or stimulating in its self, The Raid certainly makes up for it in action and plot twists, which makes it such a good film.

The indigenous Indonesian form of martial arts Pencak silatis has hardly been seen which makes the choreography fresh and creative using the whole environment and set to its cinematic advantage. Anything can be used as a weapon no matter how obscure anything goes and we get to see just that.

If you’re into action/martial arts films then this is definitely one to watch. As far as this genre of film goes it has set the bar high and I certainly can’t see it being beaten any time soon. I give The Raid an ass kicking 9/10

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