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It’s been a serious week in geek. What week isn’t really? All the world cares about is politics or geek. You got your serious on the right and your fun on the left. Everything in the middle doesn’t matter. This week DC announced their tribute to the path of equality for people of all sexual orientations. Emperor Lucas stepped down as lord of the Realm, and holder of the keys to the kingdom. BBC shared their next notable face in “Who” news. Once again Game of Thrones blew my head apart with their damned cliff hanger endings. I also wanna mention why Saturday mornings have been as fun lately as they were when I was eight years old. So lets explore, This Week In Geek.

Doctor Who’s exicutive producer Steven Moffat announced the name of the new companion to replace Karen Gillian on the new season of Doctor Who to air this fall. Jenna-Louise Coleman, a 25-year-old Brittish soap star will replace the Pond Family in the TARDIS in season 7 of Doctor Who on the BBC. As tired as I am of the Amy Pond show, I’m always a little concerned when they bring about change. I was ready to stop watching when they revealed Matt Smith, and he’s amazing from his first ep to present. I won’t stop watching until they stop making them, and probably not even then. Okay, Ms. Coleman I’ll give you a fair shot.

Well One Million Angry mother voices were unsuccessful in their attempts at stopping the gay movement for from reaching comic books. DCU announced a week ago that one their iconic figures would come out as gay in JUNE. Earth2 is one of the big hitters for the New 52 in its second wave. The first issue released the week of Free Comic Book Day last month shocked us in its brief pages killing off the Big 3 right away. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman said goodbye from the gitgo in Earth 2 and gave their lives to save the world. The book ends with the new main hero for this verse, classic emerald warrior, Green Lantern Allen Scott. In book #2 its revealed that he is also gay. It feels a little lackluster to me. “It should have been Guy Gardner who was made gay. His name already pushes it. The only thing gayer would be if his name was Male Florist”- I tweeted after hearing the news. I was shocked after the first Earth 2 book to see the big 3 go, but Allen Scott has never seemed as important to the DCU, to me at least, as Hal Jordan or any of the other space police. I like his involvement and understand how important his history is, but I had my finger crossed for Ra’s Al Ghul or Hawkman. Still excited to see where this goes.

George Lucas has announced that he is stepping down from Lucas Films LTD to focus more on special projects. He has talked in the past about this being in the near future and his struggles to get his last project, Red Tails, about the Tuskogee Airmen, may have been the straw that broke the multi billionaire film mogul’s back. I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t get the rumored Star Wars TV series. Last I heard it was being held up for budget concerns, which was Red Tails problem. I don’t care if Indy 5 gets off the ground (and I liked Indy 4 I don’t care what you say. It was like a pulp comic! That’s exactly what the previous three were like; Old timey adventure comics with ridiculous premise. It’s okay for a Shaman to rip a man’s heart out and him continue to live, or survive jumping out of a plane on a life raft but climbing in a fridge to survive a nuke, which was something people used to say you could do, is too far! Ludicrous!).

Tyrion Lannister might be dead! Did you see him get slashed across the head? I argued with my wife over this, but from the angle of the cuts I can’t imagine it didn’t slice through his skull. At first I cheered as the “halfman” said, “those are brave men at our gates. Let’s go kill them…” then he cuts a man’s leg off from behind and kills him with his axe before leading the charge. There was the touching moment where he and his pal admit they’re friends even though Tyrion pays him. The dog tells King Joffrey to eff off. Arya is about to lead an exodus with her could-be-rapist friend. OH! And the scene where Cersei was about to poison her youngest why the hordes were at the gate. It was intense. Best episode by far this season and it didn’t have Rob, Daenerys, Snow, or Jaime in it at all; and there’s so much going on with them. Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

Some of you have to have felt it; Saturday mornings are a time for anxiousness again. If you’re old enough you remember a dark time in society when animation wasn’t always on. When I was a kid you could only watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. Later they began to move some of them into the after school block. Even during that time I remember a Duck Tales where the boys tricked Uncle Scrooge into thinking Friday was Saturday by putting in a VHS off “last Saturday’s” cartoon. VHS, those were silly times. Now-a-days you can just switch to the right five or six channels and always catch some form of animated entertainment on. Lots of them are good. Today I realized that I look forward to waking up, switching on the DVR menu, and pulling up Thundercats, Avatar the Legend of Korra, Green Lantern, and Young Justice. The universe Young Jutsice takes place in is as rich and well developed as anything in the DCU comic world. It is soooo good I want a comic of it with other threads and storylines to follow. Korra revealed freaking “blood bending” today! I thought it was nutty when Katara bent her own sweat in classic Avatar. Thundercats has all the elements of a post apocalyptic fantasy you could want. The way it mingles future tech with magic and fantasy charm is perfect. A character can carry a sword and lazer. A robot can wear leather cloaks and perform spells from the shadows. Then there is Green Lantern the Animated Series. Its so amazing to see the other lantern corps making their way into TV wear others can learn about them. And to see a world where Mogo still lives. Amazing. All of this is tied up with DC shorts between commercials that are as funny and good as the episodes themselves. Saturdays are exciting again and when the season ends we will be poorer for it.

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