Apple App-Aholics Anonymous (Heroes Call)

App Name: Heroes Call
Developer: Defiant Development
Price: FREE
App-Aholic Rating: 3.5/5
Watch it Here: Heroes Call Official Trailer

Here lies a simple, classic RPG dungeon-crawler with a freemium spin. To put it plain and simple, Heroes Call is an open-top adventure with adequate graphics, compiled into a financially-attainable price that yields a blatantly good time.

Reasons to Enjoy:The automated combat system is a nice change from the typical “button-masher,” which is common across RPG titles with the similar flavor as this one. However, a subtle level of thumb-shanking the screen can be implemented to increase the attacking strength (and style) your character delivers to his enemies, but this is not over-exaggerated enough to become redundant.

Sadly: The absence of a virtual joystick (or at least the option to have one) is disappointing. Tapping the screen repeatedly or constantly dragging your finger in your line of sight to move the character gets old fast. With a fully-capable touchscreen interface and an accelerometer, there are many different ways to implement control schemes. As gamers, we want options!

That said, the overall control layout obviously has the touch screen in mind. It utilizes various taps and swipes to execute skills as are acquired as the character advances.

More Disappointments?: There doesn’t appear to be any form of checkpoint system within the levels. Once you begin, its full-boar for the next 5-15 minutes, or be forced to quit the level and start again if time doesn’t permit you to reach the end. Make sure you set enough time aside to dig into each dungeon.

Room for Expansion: When I see the words “Coming Soon” imprinted on any part of a game, I’m filled with conflicting emotions. The disappointment is that I wish all the material, the game as a whole, could be delivered on the first run. The excitement is that I understand an entirely polished game is ever truly submitted to the AppStore, and the “Coming Soon” means the developer is prepared to give you a reason to keep their game on your device. As in the case of Heroes Call, there are several selecable characters that are unattainable as of the time this review was submitted.

Bottom Line: It’s FREE! It’s a good waste of time for those wanting to add a new game to their iDevice. As you all may (or may not) know how big of a fan I am of RPGs, Heroes Call is not so much of a “must-have” as it is a “why-not?” Try it out! You will be fairly impressed by what this freemium piece has to offer.

Happy Downloading!


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