Geek Movie Review: Prometheus

Ridley Scott is modern science fiction, plain and simple. With films such as Blade Runner and Alien under his belt, he has definitely set his place within the pantheon of science fiction creators. So, needless to say, when news broke of a new science fiction movie directed by Mr. Scott being developed, every geek absolutely could not wait to see what the man had in store for us. The premise alone sounded awesome; a group of scientists traveling to a distant planet that can host life to find out the origins of mankind. But sadly, the film does not live up to expectations. Let me get the positive stuff out of the way first. The acting is great. Every actor in this film holds their own and contributes to the film. The atmosphere of the film is awesome. It’s dark, gritty, foreboding, and when on the alien planet, you really get a sense something troublesome that awaits the crew. Michael Fassbender is awesome in his role as David. He pulled off the creepy android role perfectly. The main beef that I had with the film was the script. I will be vague due to my desire to keep this article spoiler free, but this film had many plot holes. Some of the happenings in the film don’t even seem like they belong in the film. There are many unresolved issues at the end of this film. The hallmark of a film is to leave the moviegoer wanting more, but not due to a lack of a coherent script. This is what Prometheus does. At the end of Prometheus, you get the sense that the script was vastly underdeveloped and fragmentary. These fractional shortcomings in the script really take away from a film that otherwise is perfect. You are left with more questions at the end of the film then you had prior to watching the film. Overall, this film gets a 7/10. The incoherencies in the script take away from the superb acting and cast, and the beautifully eerie scenery that this film provides. This is a solid film, but you can’t help but wonder just how epic this film would have been had it not been hampered by an underdeveloped script and unresolved loose ends.

About Steven Brewer

I’m a lifelong comic book fan. Comics pulled me in at an early age, with influences ranging from Chris Claremont’s historic X-Men run, Walt Simonson’s Thor run, Mike Zeck’s run on The Punisher limited series, Jim Lee’s X-Men, the early 90’s X-Men animated series, and the best cartoon ever made, Batman: The Animated Series. As a kid, these comics and cartoons gave me a new world to go to when the real world wasn’t so nice. Because of this, comic books will always have a special place in my heart. I love everything about comics, and still get the same feeling reading them today as I did when I was a kid. My major in college was psychology, so I love to incorporate that into comics.
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