DLC Review: Harley Quinn’s Revenge

screenlg8On May 29, along with the Game of the Year edition of Batman Arkham City, the DLC “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” was released. (It is bundled with the GotY edition, along with all the all the other DLC content). Without going into any spoilers, for those of you that haven’t played Arkham City all the way through, it is set after the events of the end of the game. Arkham City is still crawling with criminals and Harley has a plan to kill some Gotham City police officers they captured. It’s up to Batman and Robin to save them.

Unlike the full game, the DLC is very linear. You can explore a few areas at certain points, but for the most part it’s go here, do this, rescue this guy, fight these 20 thugs. It’s set in the Steel Mill, which is an area in the game you do get to go through but once you finish the area you don’t get to go back to it, unlike most of areas of the game.screenlg7

I’ve already played through the DLC twice, the first time it took me two hours, the second time it took me an hour and a half. At 800 Microsoft Points, this is a little expensive for what you get out of it. Sure, you get to play as Robin, who I am better with, and his gadgets are different and (arguably) better, but the story is so, so short. If you breeze through it just to fight and not collect the balloon-based achievement (pop them all) then it feels like nothing.

There is a lot of good in this, though. There are new achievements, mostly combat based and story based and new thugs based around Harley Quinn’s red/black/white card design. She gets a new outfit too, and some new hair. The Steel Mill is an interesting place to explore and playing as Robin, like I mentioned, is really neat. If they release some DLC or a patch that always him or Nightwing to run around the city then I am in, I don’t care how much it costs.

robin-dlcIf you absolutely love the game, buy the DLC. If you think you can wait until it goes on sale, then wait for it to go sale. It’s not worth the full 800 MP if you’re half-hearted about liking the game. If you have not bought the game, then invest in the GotY edition, where you get all of the DLC, including Catwomans, Nightwings, and Robin’s map packs, plus Catwoman’s episodes, and Harley Quinn’s Revenge.

To give it a letter grade: B –

It needed to be longer, and frankly, it needed more Robin.

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