Keven Pereira Leaves AOTS

Long time co-host of G4’s popular tech tv program Attack Of The Show, Kevin Pereira (@kpereira), left today. His final broadcast aired on G4 and he said goodbye to his many fans and followers, co-workers and friends in an hour long mash-up/tribute to him. Old cast mates from the beginning of his ten year run to the end said goodbye in several clips and video montages. Sarah Underwood and Candace Bailey teared up in their huggy little farewell. Original co-host Sarah Lane offered her well wishes which was fine. However, the real shocker was the return of Olivia Munn. Olivia Munn recorded what was a surprisingly funny goodbye to her former partner in crime KP. During the airing of it I tweeted “remember when Olivia Munn left #AOTS and didn’t give any kind of send off or say goodbye, she just stopped showing up?” I didn’t expect her to actually show up. Then, to my disbelief she begins by saying “I just wanted to inform everyone that today will be my last day on Attack Of The Show…” It was hilarious.

Kevin Pereira was on G4 for over ten years and hosted AOTS for 7. The show is a sort of beacon for how to live the geek way. It helped move nerd culture into the trend that it has become. Covering all the latest gadgets and tech, as well as video games, movies, and internet fads, AOTS didn’t necessarily shape, but guided us through the twists and turns of these sub genres we surround ourselves in. It touches, at least a little, on every tiny fetish of geekdom that we swallow up. And Kevin Pereira, while annoying at times with his over the top obsession with ten-year-old boy humor, lead the way.

AOTS is the best show, and maybe the only show, like… itself. It is like browsing the web from your couch. As a kid it seems like there were several attempts at a program like this; video game personified. As I write this I am searching my brain for another show from the past, present, or future that embodies what AOTS is. I’m drawing blank. Other shows cover what it covers in small segments, but not so diverse and such a wide spread cluster of topics, ideas, and events. Everything from youtube videos to interviews with James Cameron grace its pages. As a participant in geek culture I find myself looking to Attack for examples on what to cover for an article, what to share on facebook, or what to discuss in a nerd forum. Without thinking about it I want each thing I partake in to somehow relate back to AOTS and how AOTS does things. What is Attack Of The Show without Kevin Pereira?

Well, I guess we’ll find out. KP is leaving to pursue his own personal endeavors. He wants to focus more on his business, SUPER CREATIVE, and what I can’t seem to wrap my mind around but is some sort of “live-touring nerd carnival”. No future co-host has been announced. Matt Mira (@MattMira) has said that he will be filling in on some episodes. Mira is a funny guy, I just wonder if he has whatever it is Pereira brought to the show or if the show can function in a new direction. KP’s final Attack has ended but he will still be covering E3 for G4 in a few weeks. No matter how you slice it though, Dude Manrod (who killed Kevin in a fun final send off) will no longer be bringing joy and distaste to our lives. #ThankYouKevinPereira

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  1. I can’t believe no one else has commented on this story yet. I actually DVR this show EVERY day, and have been for a few years. I first heard about Kevin leaving back in early May, I think. Kevin Pereira tweeted something to the effect of being overwhelmed and thanking everyone for the love. A quick Google search later led me to confirming he was leaving. I was in shock. I came across AOTS pretty late. I believe it was in 2008 a friend from work, knowing I was obsessed with Gadgetry and Comic Books asked if I watched Attack of the Show. Not really being a TV guy (I’m not pretentious, I just prefer DVDs and Netflix to actual television) of course said I didn’t know what he was talking about. He told me a little about, said it was on G4 and to give it a shot. I was instantly HOOKED. I loved the show. The chemistry between everyone was great. I loved everything about the show. After Olivia Munn left, and Alison Haislip and Hardwick I was pretty apprehensive about the show. I wasn’t sure Candace Bailey or Sara Underwood were going to be good with Kevin. I am glad to say I was wrong. I liked the new chemistry they brought to the table. Now, it appears again the show will be going through a big change. No doubt the biggest in years. And even though Kevin is going to be missed. The show is so much bigger than a single host. The material and writing involved in the show are phenominal. Whoever the showrunner is on AOTS I have no doubt they will continue to deliver relevent material to us day in and day out.

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