Bin Fodder: The Authority – Part 3


Keeping in turn with overly epic storylines, Ellis reaches for the stars with his third arc of The Authority, literally.  After saving the planet from a madman and invading alternate reality jags Jenny Sparks and her team face their biggest challenge: Earth’s rightful owner.


Close your eyes for a moment and build an image of god.  Everyone has one, whether he be tall and white with flowing hair or wielding a giant sword or the Sun, all of mankind has an idea of how God would appear.  Ellis’ is a bit different…but more on that later.

What if Humans were not the dominant species on the planet?  In truth, if birds were sentient enough to realize their power we’d all be fucked, but think on a grander scale.  In arc three, entitled “Outer Dark”, the Authority are faced with agents of the true God; creator of Earth.


Like demon angels from the sky the agents of God rain down upon the Earth, landing in Tokyo and Africa, looking to quell the annoying little uprising of humanity who were, as one Shaman put it, ruining God’s retirement place.  Clearly not prepared to deal with super-human beings these first wave aggressors are handled by various members of The Autority.


From the moon they came.


As a mere creation of an alien intelligence Earth was formed by design and the moon was put in place as a kind of space-based defensive station; built to house God’s true creations.


The Authority, of course, prove victorious at halting the advance of the creatures on Earth, but still God looms as a shadow against the sun.  A Giant Pyramid…no joke.  I keep telling you people Ellis is twisted.


It’s at the end of the third issue in this arc that we start to learn that something is about to happen to Jenny.  She’s taking the fight to this giant monster approaching earth from the heavens beyond with serious purpose.


The fourth and final issue in the story goes a little into the realm of slapstick.  The team takes the Carrier out of orbit around and flies into the entity.  The battle giant worms and antibodies living within it on route to the “brain”.  It’s weird to think God has a “brain” in the traditional sense, but there it is all globby just like a human brain.


As you can well imagine the team succeeds but in the process looses one of their own…or so we’d be led to believe.


For the first time in the series we are left on a cliffhanger.  Where will Ellis take us next?  Check back next week to find out!


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This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.


Death Cab For Cutie – Death of an Interior Decorator, Rival Schools – High Acetate, The Rasmus – Can’t Stop Me, Saves the Day – My Sweet Fracture, TOOL – Jimmy, Imogen – Goodnight and Go, Coldplay – Strawberry Swing, The Get Up Kids – The Dark Night of the Soul, Face to Face – Run in Circles, I Fight Dragons – The Geeks with Inherit the Earth, Daft Punk – The Game has Changed, Jay Z – Empire State of Mind

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