Geek Game Review – Lego Batman 2:DC Superheroes

I’ve had my hands on Lego Bats numero dos for a week now. First a grabbed my reserved copy for the Vita (when I bought my Vita they handed me a list of games coming out, and I had to have it). Then a few days went by and I was barely able to log anytime on it (one handheld system and eight hands trying to hold it doesn’t work). So Sunday night, in a fit of rage, I stormed off to the store to buy it on console. Now I have two copies and will review them both.

First off, there is a difference. The Vita version was awesome right off the Bat(pun intended). The game play is smooth, complex, and I’m going to say mature. Unlike say, Original Lego Batman for the DS, which is simpler than it’s console counterpart. Handheld Lego Bats 2 is comparable to any Lego VG previously released. This game is different from console but it isn’t necessarily lacking.  There are 88+ characters and a JLA mode, which is sort of like a challenge mode, that isn’t on the console version.


The console version has an open world, similar to Arkham City (this was the real thing that forced my hand and made me get another copy of the game). It has fewer playable characters than the handheld, but that is pretty much the only difference between the two. Cut scenes are verbatim as far I could tell, and even the quality in the graphics was so close it isn’t worth comparing.  You still get to rock hard as all your favorite JLA members. Stages play out slightly different, but nothing to run off in a tantrum over. The open world is the only reason I can even see to get one or the other.


Now for the game. This game is so AWESOME! I know you are thinking that if you’ve played one Lego game you’ve played them all. Not so. Well kind of. There’s still the same mechanics you’ve grown familiar with and the lay out isn’t anything to write home about. However, you get to be the freaking JLA! The voice acting, which is new to this game, adds a layer of life to characters who up until now were only cute but not really relatable. Voices add a depth and persona that makes playing them feel as close to playing real DC superheroes as you may ever get. There will never be a Flash VG. But you can be the Flash here. Let’s hope there’s not another Aquaman VG, other than this one where he rules like a true sea king. The JLA mode or the open world of the console let you tear through baddies as Cyborg, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern and it is so worth every dollar spent for this chance.

I give this five of five. It is excellent on console or handheld. It takes about nine hours on console and maybe four on handheld, but the unlockables could be endless IDK. I’ve never found 100% of Arkham Asylum, City, or Super Mario World and this game has a very familiar feeling. I foresee a permanent 99% in a lot of futures. It’s easily the best Traveler’s Tale game yet. Not too complex for it’s simplicity like the Harry Potter series. The story with the voice acting add flavor and personality to the characters. And you get to be the freaking JLA!

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  1. I have to get this game, nice write up!

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