Bin Fodder: Crimson Part 3


When last we saw Alex Elder he had just witnessed his father being nearly killed and then barely surviving himself as archangels sat in judgment of his existence.  Spared by the most unlikely of champions, Lucifer, Alex continues his un-life as the “Chosen One” vampire, entrusted by Ekimus to bring to an end eons of death and destruction at the hands (but mostly teeth) of the hellspawn known as Vampires.


This third arc of the Crimson story, covering issues 8-13, has three main threads: Scarlet and how her role in this war is changing.  Saint George as he comes to realize who he is and whose side he truly belongs on.  And of course Alex Elder Chosen One extraordinaire but never to be undersold this book is chalk full of other characters and events.

Scarlet is lost, the representative members of her order in New York, other than herself, were murdered by the Children of Judas.  Her revenge exacted she apparently teams up with the Templars?  This is a confusing point in the story, since there’s never been an attributive correlation between the Red Hoods and the Knights Templar.


She quickly learns that the ways of the Templar are not of the same high standards held by the Red Hoods as innocents are regularly caught in the middle and pay the price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The head Templar banishes Scarlet back to France to act as a brood mare…but then she just doesn’t go?  This isn’t explained.  When he FINALLY decides to send her back she rebels, sides with Alex and turns on her own.



Saint George, really just the embodiment of the spirit of St. George living in the body of a New York City cop who just “happened” to be assigned to the Alex Elder case, is given purpose in this arc.  His path set before him, though in true-to-form spirituality, his path is less-than-clear and thus he starts of helping the wrong people.


Alex has been taken hostage by the Knights Templar and when Ekimus comes to rescue him St. George sides with them, rather than Ekimus who he has been working with.  It takes an act of genocide for George to see the error of his ways.  But at least he does and his prize?  To fight a dragon.



Alex’s story in this arc is mired by struggle and general futility.  We are reminded that despite all the power welling up inside him he is still just a boy.  Alex has yet to master his abilities; seemingly only able to use them out of sheer fear or when pushed to his limit for survival.

In the end Alex faces his “mother”, Lisseth for it was her and Ekimus who sired the first of the Vampires and as such they are responsible for all that has transpired since.  The altercation with Lisseth is rather boring and results only in Alex destroying one of her minions.  Was it a test?  Was she seeing what his abilities were all about?  Only time will tell.


Despite some of the confusion and missteps that exist in this arc I am prone to give Augustyn and Ramos the benefit of the doubt on where this book is going.  Based on the cover of the next issue the religious implications of events transpiring in these issues isn’t about the take a backseat by any means.



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